Friday, January 4, 2013

Public outrage over gang rape

The outrageous gang rape in India has resulted in public demonstrations for justice. In India the laws call for the death penalty for murder and life in prison for rape. Some may argue that a civilized society cannot exist if it believes in the death penalty. Others argue that a civilized society can’t exist if it doesn’t. After all what kind of outrageous brutality are we willing to endorse?

My point is that the brutal gang rape in India has moved a nation to cry our for justice. Indeed we have all been moved around the globe as a result. Rape is a heinous crime. Gang rape falls into the category of mental illness as does a violent rape resulting in a brutal assault and or murder. Like we saw earlier last month in Surrey for a drug debt.

I am told that days after that poor woman was brutally raped and beaten in Whalley, a live grenade was found in a lot across the street. Yet since it happened in Whalley not a word was mentioned in the press. There is a dark evil in Surrey that is trying to hide the truth from the public. This needs to be addressed. When we hide evil, we become accessories to it.

Tragically with all this public outcry for justice in India, another gang rape has occurred there involving another bus driver. A woman got on a bus to go home. The bus driver refused to stop in her town and drove her to another location where he and another man took her to meet five others and they all took turns gang raping her. This is deranged. This is the kind of thing that I personally would support the death penalty for because they obviously don’t care about public safety.

What’s worse is we see the same thing happen here again in Canada. Only a group of six deranged gang banger wannabes beat and gang raped a teenage boy in Prince George and left him for dead in a snow bank. Rape is heinous. Gang rape is mentally ill. Gang raping a teenage boy is not cool. This element of society is deranged.


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    1. Indeed. Two gang rapes in the Prince George Renegades clubhouse. Both cases were shockingly acquitted. In one of the cases the woman took cocaine they gave her before they gang raped her so apparently that means gang rape is OK in BC as long as you give her some GHB or blow first.

  2. It is vastly more likely that the object found was a dummy or training grenade such as are sold by the thousands every year all over North America, thereafter to achieve a place on someone's mantlepiece or desk. Almost every time the police respond to a report of, or find a grenade, it turns out to be one of these. They often throw a criminal charge at someone (which is reported) only to drop it when the lab report comes back saying it was an inert device or when someone knowledgeable questions them about it.(which is seldom reported)

    The discovery of actual live military ordnance in civilian hands is exceeding rare, not that you'd know it from what the media reports, after all, sensationalism sells.

    Witness the recent reporting of 2 rocket launchers being turned in at a "gun buy back" event in LA. "These weapons don't belong in civilian hands, blah blah blah". Problem is, they are disposable one shot launching tubes that have already been fired and can in no way be reloaded, reactivated, etc.. You can buy them at surplus stores and people hang them on the wall...But that doesn't sound as cool....or allow anyone in law enforcement to act like they've saved the day once again.

    Likewise I have over the years seen literally dozens of these cases where the police get all hot and bothered about a grenade only to find out it was somebody's souvenir. Yeahm that big hole drilled in the bottom would be your first clue.....but then the bomb squad can't be called out to demonstrate why they are needed. Maybe once or twice was it the real thing, almost always in the possession of someone who acquired it during their time in the military.

    That said, the number two group of people most often found with military grade ordnance tends to be outlaw bikers.....

    1. "That said, the number two group of people most often found with military grade ordnance tends to be outlaw bikers....." Indeed. There have been grenades seized from BC gangs. this was no paper weight:

  3. I should have added that often these souvenirs are "re-activated" (a misnomer since they were never activated to begin with) by adding gunpowder and a home made fuse of some type. These are at the once extremely dangerous due to the instability of the device and yet not a destructive as the real thing which uses high explosive as the filler. That said, an explosive device is an explosive device.

    The pic isn't good enough for me to ID the Edmonton grenade other than to note that the fuze assembly has been removed. :) I'd think that the one in Edmonton likely is the real thing, the police will tend to emphasize it if it is, whereas they will report "a grenade" when they find one of these souvenirs but never follow up on the initial report when it turns out not to be. Too embarrassing to emphasis that they couldn't tell the difference just by looking at it when most members of the public might wrongly suppose that they have knowledge about such things.


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