Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Constible Frank Dean Rudge’s retrial

Speaking of dirty cops, wiretaps played in Frank Dean Rudge’s court case heard a conversation between two Hells Angels named Brian Sauvé and Timothy Muise. Tim expressed a concern when he saw a police car parked outside the Cedar Bay Inn. Brian responded by saying “It’s just Dean being a loser.” He was referring to Const.Dean Rudge.

The crown argued that the wiretap shows a familiarity between Rudge and Hells Angels members. Indeed it does. Ridge’s lawyer said the phone calls only mentioned the name Dean and didn’t specifically refer to Rudge. That doesn’t even make sense. Of course they were referring to Rudge. What other local police officers driving Ridge’s patrol car named Dean are there?

The sad thing is, here’s a dirty cop that everyone knows is dirty and they’re having such a hard time getting rid of him. That’s gotta affect moral when everyone knows a coworkers is a rat for the Hells Angels and is jeopardizing the safety of everyone he works with. It's Tragic really.

Sadly both the Green Hornet and the Batman Dark Knight movies contained a story about a corrupt mayor and a corrupt police chief that would manipulate crime stats to make themselves look good. It's sad when fiction becomes reality. Just another Bloody Sunday.


  1. Eight years for a life?

    EDMONTON -- A city woman is "very upset" that the man who stabbed her daughter to death and then dismembered her body in a bathtub was handed an eight-year prison term."

    "Joshua James Houle, 28, was sentenced Tuesday after earlier pleading guilty to manslaughter and offering an indignity to human remains in relation to the Dec. 31, 2011, slaying of 27-year-old Misty Lynn Ward."

    "It's just a slap in the face -- he is just laughing," a tearful Violet Ward said outside court. "It's just not right. Eight years for what he did to my baby. It's just not right. I am very upset." (SunNews)

  2. And this is what passes for JUSTICE in Canada. What a joke. No wonder the hordes have no real fear, what do they have to be afraid of?

    There was a time when Canada, the USA, and England used to be examples of Western Civilization that were known 'round the world as worthy of emulation. I don't know that this is true anymore, certainly not in the way it once was, and that time is not long past either, within the span of a human life.

    I blame the 60's and all the degenerate counterculture trash associated with that decade. Social non-conformity and drug use became fashionable, and it's been all downhill from there.....

    "Enemies foreign and domestic". But, under the new definitions that "progressive" thought has brought us, we don't have enemies anymore, do we? Political correctness and the rot from within that it breeds will bring us all down, and the lifelong efforts, hard work, and sacrifice of our ancestors in the cause of freedom will be for nothing. If we don't start cleaning house soon, it will be too late. Maybe it already is, and from here on it's just a matter of the timeline until we hit bottom......

  3. That is insane. It diminishes all of us.

  4. TR: "I blame the 60's ...."

    Yes, but also the Pill changed mores in a huge way, society turned forever. The Pill changed completely the pre-marital sexual realities; more than anything else could...


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