Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinheads abandon Fruit stand

I’m getting several reports that the pinheads have abandoned their fruit stand by the airport in Kelowna. I’m waiting to get some pictures confirming the logos have been taken down. Looks like somebody’s on the run after Dave’s car bombing. Maybe they’re just trying to make it look like it wasn’t another arson for insurance fraud. Who knows what those clowns are up to. Is Donnie McWhirter’s pal Joey Verma still the Vice President of the Kingpin Crew? Please advise. The Kingpin Crew were named in that stolen car ring at Cycle logic weren't they? What's up with that? Is their fruit stand next to be seized by the po po?

Interesting to note that Reza (Johnny Boy) Rahiman from the Pinhead Crew in Kelowna was charged on Dec 27/12 in Vancouver with Mischief, Assault and Uttering Threats x2. He is to appear in court in Vancouver January 29/13. The guy has quite the criminal record. In 2010 he was found guilty of Assaulting a Peace Officer and Causing disturbance in Kelowna.

Reza and Josh Armstrong are still living in West Kelowna. Next door to Darryl Wilcox’s house who went to jail for cocaine trafficking in 2005. That’s when Uncle Joe’s co accused Ryan Ennis moved in. What a mess of criminal associations.

Here’s a picture of the abandoned pinhead clubhouse from this morning January 25 2012. No fence, no vehicles, door open, looks empty inside. Hard to know what those clowns are up to.


Update: Turns out the Pinheads new temporary location is in Mission springs outside Kelowna. Here I thought they meant mission beside Abbotsford on the coast. That would have been a laugh.How on earth is Mission springs safe from car bombs?


  1. It's curious how after my first time submitting a post regarding KP and their home on Hwy 97 - one wonders if they got tired of the 'fruit' comments; especially which fruit exactly, they pretended to represent; but I suddenly find they've moved into my neighbourhood in the Mission. Right across from a halfway house, no less. Good to keep one's customers close, I suppose. I know, they say it's temporary.

  2. Mission? Wow, like they won't be a target there. Feel free to e-mail any pictures of their new clubhouse. Cheers.


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