Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Red Herring Pickton inquiry

Well the Wally Oppal Red Herring Pickton inquiry continues. Wally insists that he's not in a conflict of interest heading the inquiry even though he has been tied to the BC judicial system for so many years and said it was just fine. Activists in the East Van town hall meeting disagree and say they don't support him heading the inquiry.

I realize everyone is upset with the police these days and wants to blame them for delaying their feet in the Pickton investigation which resulted in the murder of more women. Yes they likely dropped the ball on that issue. However, the real issue isn't finding another scape goat to blame the atrocities on. The real issue is finding Pickton's accomplices.

It was the Crown that suggested Pickton did not act alone. His lawyer complained in the appeal and said the whole time the Crown's case was that Robert Pickton acted alone and was the mastermind that eluded police for so long in keeping all the murders secret. Then all of a sudden, right before deliberations the judge told the jury they could convict Robert even if he didn't act alone but was an active participant in the murders.

Indeed that opened a whole can of worms that is not being addressed at all by the Wally Oppal Red Herring Inquiry. Which really comes as no surprise. No doubt Wally would have done a great job for the Liberals overseeing the BC Rail scandal.

Interesting to note that according to Deputy Chief Doug LePard every officer involved in a management role during the investigation of Vancouver’s missing women in the late 1990s while serial killer Robert Pickton picked up women in the Downtown Eastside has retired. He claims "Mistakes were made and there are police officers who will be haunted by them for the rest of their lives.” Oh brother, not another scape goat. When will it end?

The retired officers have stated that they will cooperate with the inquiry. Do ya think if they weren't going to cooperate they would actually say so? What if they were under some sort of gag order? Would they be able to break the gag order for the inquiry or do they mean they will cooperate with the inquiry as best they can without breaking the gag order? Please advise.

Was there movie making equipment found on the farm? Yes or No. What happened to that evidence?

Pickton case in the news.

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