Saturday, January 29, 2011

First BC Criminal Organization Conviction

Well this is interesting. Two Kelowna residents found guilty of trafficking cocaine were convicted of doing so on behalf of a criminal organization. Finally. Only it was an "unnamed" criminal organization. Huh?

Wait a minute... Thomas Donald Fraser and Jason Jonathon Herrick — were involved in a cocaine-trafficking conspiracy linked to a unnamed criminal organization. How can they be convicted of trafficking cocaine for a criminal organization if the organization was not named? I'm a wee bit confused here.

After all this was the high profile case that police allege used the Kelowna Marina as its hub of operations for multi-kilogram cocaine transactions during peak tourist season.

In one of the intercepted phone calls between the two men, Fraser phones Herrick and orders him to “bring some s**t” to “the clubhouse.” With loud music in the background, Fraser tells him the address is 837 Ellis Street, the property known locally as the Hells Angels clubhouse.

So if Fraser and Herrick were convicted of trafficking cocaine on behalf of a criminal organization and they had cocaine delivered to the Hells Angels clubhouse, I wonder which unnamed criminal organization was behind it?

There was a body found under the dock there wasn't there? It wasn't just floating in the lake it was under the dock. No foul play is expected? That's strange.

Hey wait a minute. Richard Goldammer owns the clubhouse. He has a bayliner doesn't he? We know Russell Penner does. I wonder if they ever use that Marina?

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