Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glen Heggstad

Speaking of Hells Angels murdering Hells Angels, this Glen Heggstad / Ralph Boger case is interesting. It's another cold case that is gradually coming to light. June 29, 1981 three people were murdered in Cali - Fred Alvarez, Patricia Castro and Ralph Boger. A born again hit man named Jimmy Hughes has been charged with the murder. Since he was just a hired hit man, court documents allege that John Philip Nichols, John Paul Nichols, and Glen Heggstad were conspires who hired Jimmy Hughes to commit the murder. Glen Heggstad and Ralph Boger were Hells Angels. Some sources claim Ralph's friend Fred Alvarez was a member of the Hells Angels as well.

Now this is a pretty bizarre case involving the CIA and all kinds of allegations of illegal activity. In fact, court documents claim that Glen Heggstad was an active participant conspiring to murder Fred Alvarez in order "to prevent Fred Alvarez from exposing illegal activities of John Philip Nichols, occurring at the Cabazon Indian Reservation."

An article about this case by reporter Joe Nelson entitled "Prosecutors allege biggest corruption scandal in San Bernardino County history." San Bernardino County? Isn't that where the Hells Angels started?

OK I may be a bit slow but I think the most obvious question here is what illegal activities was John Philip Nichols involved in on the Cabazon Indian Reservation?

With all the Hells Angels cocaine convictions in Canada it is interesting to note that cocaine and suspicious suicides have followed the CIA for many years. Just ask Gary Webb.


  1. Thank you, Agent K, for mentioning your readers are bugs in your grill! I guess this is the first time you've ever had a reader who dared to challenge some of the fantasies you print. Such as British SAS troopers being repeatedly kidnapped, stripped and shot with signs hung around their necks in NI. Hmm, never happened, but you aren't going to say you're wrong in public are you?

    Look, when your blog gets popular, you get new readers who aren't like the few here before. I've read all your readers' posts, and they are not well-written, show poor spelling & may well come from that gangster milieu. But sooner or later people will show up who may know things. It's not wrong to challenge inaccuracies in print. And you are very controversial to say the least, when you praise blogs (from the wilderness) that turn out to be 9/11 "truther" stuff. Saying that the US government was plotting the Twin Towers attack! That President Bush knew about it; why don't you think folks would write in, to say that's the wilder areas of conspiracy theory, that is not accepted as fact. The stuff about un-scrambled fighter-jets on 9/11 has been completely dis-proved, you know.

    It is always best to stick to what you know, the biker world & your gang subject matter. There you are fine. Venturing out to these other things...well, as they say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  2. Get real. I certainly don’t mind different opinions. It’s the arrogant drama I tend to avoid. I made a casual comment about how in West Belfast they used to refer to the SAS as Stripped and Shot and you freak out about it, calling me a liar, demanding a link saying it never happened. I provide you with a link of a video clip and news reports of once such incident involving two soldiers and you sluff it off by saying they were British Army but they weren’t SAS. Whatever. You were wrong on that point. I never said they repeatedly kidnapped SAS. I said for them the term SAS meant Stripped and Shot because that is what they would do to them if they caught one. I was right and you were wrong.

    Not to say that I haven’t been wrong about many technical issues before. One person antagonistically pointed out I was wrong when I said the 1%er concept was taken from a quote of a cop when it was really the AMA. I stand corrected. That same person pointed out I had my dates wrong with Mom Boucher and Mom didn’t get his patch until after Yves Trudeau had murdered Andre Desjardins' grandmother and I stand corrected. However, my point on both cases remains valid.

    Not to say I’m an authority on anything because I’m not. I’m just another blogger who has beef with the Hells Angels murdering people and selling crack in his neighborhood and then lying about it.

    Mike Rupert was an LAPD officer approached by the Agency to sell drugs in LA. After going public with that fact he has been slandered ever since. I simple pointed to a link he currently posts on. If he were to go off on some tangent on his web site about UFO’s I really wouldn’t have the time of day for it. However, I don’t accept the official version of 9/11 either. Neither does Mongol and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura.

    The third tower fell when no planes hit it. It did not fall due to heat and fire unless you include Thermite which was found in the 9/11 ruble. Operation Northwoods was real. If Kennedy didn’t veto it, they would have done it. That is a historical fact not fantasy.


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