Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sean Bad Dog Brown

OK this is kinda bizarre. Sean Brown was kicked out of the Rock Machine and has now teamed up with Vagos in Cali. Oh but wait, Rock Machine kicked him out because they thought he was a pussy and that he didn't want to upset the Hells Angels or move back into Quebec. Quebec was the heart of the Rock Machine.

Anyways, Vagos sign him up to bring the group to Canada. Well Ontario at least. Only Vagos are friends with the Mongols and are waring with the Hells Angels in Cali. They must not have read Sean's resume. They call him Chris Brown. I think it's because they think he's a bitch.

Get this, Vagos' logo is of Loki, the Norse god of mischief. It kinda looks like a demon but that is the same name Hells Angel Sean Wofle had tattooed on his stomach. Only Meryl Norman Wolfe's tattoo looks more like the name Lola.

I'm not saying war with the Hells Angels so you can sell crack, pimp hos and extort people for a different club. I'm saying report the Hells Angels for selling crack, murdering and extorting people.

The Rock Machine are trying to distance themselves from accusations of drug dealing which is good. However, when someone writes a letter denying they sell drugs then signs it as a 1%er that makes the whole letter hard to believe. "I don't sell drugs but I'm a criminal."

When I was young the old timers here used to say HD 1%. HD standing for Harley Davidson, 1% standing for cream of the crop - the elite. Not everyone rides a Harley. Now we find out the historical origin of the term. The AMA was saying 99% of the people out there who ride motorcycles are law biding citizens. 1% of the bikers out there are deranged criminals. After that the Hells Angels started to proudly wear 1% patches claiming they are the 1% of society who are deranged criminals.

That really isn't anything to brag about. The term was supposed to mean cream of the crop not bottom of the barrel. Now it clearly means bottom of the barrel and people who use the term are misguided.

If we want to save the MC in Canada we need to separate ourselves from the crack dealers and the murders not just say we have. We need to walk the walk not just talk the talk. That would include avoiding the term OMG. MC is fine. The courts should ban the HAs from using the term MC. Let them have their patch. Just make them remove MC from it. OMG also implies criminal activity.

I still say the Buffalo Soldiers MC is the example to follow. They say right on their web site we are not a 1%er club. Somehow when they say that, I believe them. They're just a good group of motorcycle enthusiasts. That's the way it's supposed to be.


  1. HUH?!
    Where did the term 1%er come from??? A cop? And it meant cream of the crop???


    The term 1%er was coined by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) in response to rowdy partying (although highly exagerated by media and law enforcement)that took place during the Gypsy Joker's Motorcycle Rally in Hollister California, in 1947. The AMA issued a press release following the rally saying that "1 percent" motorcyclists (60 people were arrested, mostly members of the booze fighters) were responsible for the trouble that occured at the rally (Drunken partying and brawling) and that the other 99% were law abiding citizens. 1%er didn't refer to "deranged criminals" or, the "cream of the crop", it refered to people that partied hard, and didn't conform to societies norms. 1% Clubs continue still use the term today, refering to their lifestyle's lying outside of society's norms. But hey, you haven't ever let facts get in the way of your blogs, so I'm sure you don't reaaaaally care!

  2. Yes it was the AMA not a cop, my mistake. Here when I was young the old timers would use the term to mean cream of the crop – the elite. That was before the Hells Angels came here. Now the Hells Angels forbid anyone else to use the term 1%er and claim ownership of it. Now it clearly means deranged criminal not someone who likes to party. The original quote was 99% of the people who ride motorcycles are law biding citizens. That would clearly imply that the other 1% they were referring to were not law biding citizens.

  3. Hey Chris you know not of what you speak man. It was not the Gypsy Jokers at all, it was gypsy tours that the AMA put on throughout the States in the 30s before and the mid 40s after the war that brought bikers to these races (events). The Salinas Ramblers promoted the Independence day weekend races at Hollister in 1947. There were many bike clubs there (13 Rebels, Jackrabbits, Yellow Jackets) and the Boosefighters (not a 1%) were just one of them. The AMA says they have no record of a statement to the press about 99% or 1%. This was a number put out there by the yellow jounalism (made up lies) of the San Francisco Chronicle and other Bay area papers. They made it all up (riots, rapes, vandalism and fights) to sell papers (just a lot of drunks having a good time). The Life Magazine story two weeks later sensationalized the stories and the 1% criminal element was spawned and sociopaths and malcontents from all over the states started using 1% to discribe their new bike clubs. So you see it all grew out of a myth made up by some over zealous news reporter who like most, love to embelish the truth.

  4. You should get your facts straight before you go tearing into friends of mine. First off Sean Brown had joined the Vagos in the summer of 2010 months before the Rock Machine had there fake little vote designed to try and embarass Sean because they were pissed he had gone Vagos and didn't take them along, trhats why they had it posted on there web site. Second Sean was never opposed to the Rock returning to Quebec he was opposed to the Rock recruiting members in Quebec without having ever met them before, the Rock in Winnipeg were recruiting guys straight off the internet and still are. He quit the club because it was completely out of control. And third they call him Chris Brown because that is his name Sean Chris Brown and he goes by both Sean and Chris...Check your facts before you make wild stories up about a person


  5. The next thing is why do you keep mentioning Sean Brown whenever there is a story about the Vagos Canada, Sean Brown isnt even a member in Canada anymore he now lives in Central America and is affiliated with the Vagos out there. The guys a good friend of mine and has nothing to do with Canada anymore, you should write about someone else when it comes to the Canadian Vagos because Sean isnt even around anymore....Sean is basically a decent guy and is very anti drugs something that created all the tention with the Western Canada Rock Machines in the first place and led to Sean patching over to Vagos in 2010 & also trust me when I say he has no fear of those 81 clowns he even took one of there club houses out fron under them(If you want to reach me and get the truth about Sean contact me at joshuaw45@mail.com)

    Regards Josh

  6. There may be some truth to your statement about Sean not liking hard drugs and that may well have been the reason it created friction with the new RM younger remix who just wanted to sell drugs. I am told that after the new guys turned the club back into a gang after he left that the things they were saying about Shaun may well have been twisted. Unfortunately all of these groups that say they don't sell drugs do sell drugs.

  7. I wont argue that fact with you but in Sean's case he is very well known for being a drug hater even among other bikers After his departure those guys wrote there own story and how's the reading so far? The Rock went for 08 to 10 with hardly a peep and now! well you get the point. I guess really the Vagos did read his resume one of the few guys to stick to his principles and one of the few who stood up to 81 and said fuck you!

    And that's all I have to say on the subject



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