Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Honourable mention goes to the Outlaws MC. Separate and apart from the Hells Angels. Although they have had criminal convictions, most appear to be weapons and assault charges resulting from their beef with the HAs. It does not appear that their primary and exclusive reason for existence it to take over the drug trade with violence.

It does not appear that their main purpose is to sell crack or meth and pimp out women. Turns out they're from Chicago which is a noble point of origin. Word is they're poised to take Ontario which in my opinion would be a good thing.

I clearly don't support a war for the sole purpose of taking over the crack and meth trade. However, since the police are paid by the public and in a democratic society their mandate is driven by the public who elect federal, provincial and municipal governments, we need to prioritize the enforcement and punishment of crime.

Logic dictates we can't throw everyone in jail for jay walking. Activists have been calling for better laws to deal with violent crime. When an innocent civilian is murdered or when someone is swarmed beaten and attacked on the ground with an axe, then those crimes need mandatory minimum sentences. We don't need mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot.

Likewise, using police resources which come from tax dollars, to eliminate all the Hells Angels rivals is suspicious if not counter productive. Let them come. If they are caught selling crack or meth then charge them accordingly but don't ban them from coming.

Take note that their logo is of a skull and pistons crossed like a pirate's flag. More likely symbolic of a V twin. Theirs isn't a devil's skull and they don't use the number 666. Interesting. Being an outlaw doesn't necessarily mean you sell crack. Robin Hood was considered an outlaw. In our day Julian Assange would be considered an outlaw simply for telling the truth.

The Outlaws MC wasn't just created a few years ago either. They were created in 1935. The Hells Angels claim they started in 1948. In 1960 the A.M.A. American Motorcycle Association, that supervises all official races in the USA - banned the word Outlaws from all race clothing. There for all racing club members wore the sign OMC on their outfits till 1963.

In 1963 the Outlaws became an official member of the 1%er Brotherhood of Clubs, making it the first true 1%er Club east of the Mississippi. That would be before the Hells Angels who claim ownership of the term. Back then the term 1%er meant the 1% that didn't fit in or conform. It's somewhat ironic that the Hells Angels and all of their drug dealing puppet clubs would use the term. They're a lot more than 1% of them. They all bow down and bend over for the Hells Angels. If someone was a true 1%er, they wouldn't conform to HA demands. ADIOS.


  1. you've got to be kidding. Honorable mention? They're just as bad. They have drug convictions too, just because they're not as organized as the Angels doesn't mean that they don't sell meth, that's their key source of income.
    Check it out:
    40 arrested in meth ring run by the Indiana chapter of the Outlaws. Also charged with plotting to assault and rob members of the Pagans MC. HOW HONORABLE!
    They kill their own too, just like the Angels. Harry Bowman, former Outlaws National Pres was charged with killing another outlaw member in Indiana in 1995.

    16 Outlaws members in Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tenn., were arrested. Fifteen are accused of running a cocaine and crack cocaine ring.


    Outlaws President Joeseph Janick and other Outlaws members linked, and charged, as part of a 3.6 million dollar drug ring.

    But other than their drug dealing, they're nice guys! November 1967, an outlaws member, with the help of 4 other Outlaws, smashes a beer bottle on his old lady's head and nails her to a tree. He had great reason though: she refused to turn a ten dollar trick! its a club of honorable men, i mean after all, they're from Illinois! She didn't fight them because:" they said they would bash my face in with a hammer if I did (fight back)" These guys are SOOOO much better than the Angels! Three cheers for the outlaws!!

    According to law enforcement the outlaws biggest source of income in the 1980s was drugs, the second was white slavery.
    How anyone can associate the word honorable with this kind of scum is beyond me.

    Just because a gang hates a gang that you hate doesn't make them honorable, Agent K. They do the same things, they cause the same pain, and they should be wipped out. They use violence and intimidation to maintain their footholds in their territory, just like the angels. they sell drugs, just like the angels. they kill their own members, just like the angels. They're no good, and deserve praise from no one.

    But hey, maybe its just me that finds this post offensive.

    And PS... The Outfit is from Chicago too, are mafia killers like Harry Aleman given some form of credit because they are from the "noble origin of Chicago"?

  2. Wow. I realize that just because a gang hates a gang that doesn’t make them honorable. I don’t subscribe to the adage the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Simply because they might not be. It does make them better than Buttkiss or the Pinhead crew who bend over for the Hells Angels and pay for their protection. Yet the accusation of drug convictions concerns me. I’ll have to look more into it.

    Doc from the Mongols talked the talk but it turned out he was getting kids to sell drugs for him too. It would just be really nice to find an MC that really was an MC and didn’t pimp the dream for the almighty dollar and sell crack.

    I realize the Outfit was from Chicago but usually Chicago, LA or New York meant credible. The real thing not just a wanna be. I have no beef with Chicago per see despite their historical challenges with organized crime. Eliot Ness was from Chicago. He wasn’t all bad.

  3. OK I checked out the links. Meth, crack and cocaine just like the Hells Angels. Disappointing indeed. Honorable mention also means they didn’t come in first, second or third. Is there a link for the Outlaw that beat his girlfriend and hoed her out? That is so outrageous it sounds like a complete fabrication. White slavery? Is there a link to that? Cheers.

  4. News Paper Article For Crucifiction:


    White Slavery:

    Info can also be obtained in Yves Lavigne's book, Hells Angels: Taking Care of Business

  5. Wow. That’s really sad. Violence against women is not manly. It’s just like the Hells Angels torturing people in Prince George for crack debts. Even the UN were reported to have beat someone in a wheelchair for a small crack debt. They all seem to do it. “Marcus Aurelius had a dream for Rome and that is not it.”


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