Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leslie Douglas Greenwood

One of the people charged in Kirk Mersereau and his common law wife's murder has just had another accessory to murder charge laid against him. Another Leslie. Except this guy has Leslie for his first name not him middle name like MacCabe. That is confusing.

Gerald Leslie MacCabe was charged with accessory after the fact in Randy Mersereau's murder for helping his alleged killer Jeff Lynds escape custody. Leslie Douglas Greenwood has just been charged with accessory in the killing of Charles Maddison (this was the innocent victim).

So far the charges against Leslie Greenwood are:

- First-degree murder Kirk Mersereau (October 2000 shooting death)
- First-degree murder Nancy Christensen (October 2000 shooting death)
- Attempted murder Randy Mersereau (1999 car dealership bombing)
- Accessory after the fact to murder Randy Mersereau
- (new charge) Accessory to murder Charles Maddison

Someone told me to mind my own business and stay on my side of the country because everybody in Truro knows what goes on in Truro. Well if that's the case then who killed Rusty and his wife? If everyone knows then do tell. Don't perpetuate the lie. Rusty deserves support not the Hells Angels.


  1. That's the North River clans way of saying butt out. They would like to be left alone to sell drugs and intimidate the youth and school kids of Colchester Co. and the surrounding areas. Me thinks they are not used to having their once so called leader ratting out on the organization. Don't fret NR the investigation is not over yet, I'm sure there will be more of you seeing the world from behind bars.

  2. Kind of off topic...

    the kingpin crew has their website up and running. Pictures and all.


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