Thursday, January 20, 2011

Civilian Agency

Ian Mulgrew wrote an editorial in the Vancouver Sun yesterday that hit the nail on the head. The Kelowna RCMP incident underscores the need for a civilian agency. It doesn't underscore the need for a Regional police force. Delta, Abbotsford, New Westminster and the VPD have as much excessive force problems as the RCMP. What we need is a civil agency to oversea the complaint process and make all police forces publicly accountable. Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's face it, seizing your car after two drinks or 40 km over is intrusive and disproportionate. You're allowed to sell or smoke crack in public but they will seize your car if you have two drinks. That is disproportionate.

These extreme and intrusive laws were introduced by the provincial government with the lowest approval rating in the country. That government should not be in charge of a Regional Police force. Yes a Regional Police force works fine in Ontario. BC is different. We have a drunk driver for Premier that introduced silly drinking and driving laws to overcompensate for his own misdeeds. Wait a minute, I thought that guy resigned finally or was that just a dream?


  1. Kim Bolan highlights a disturbing trend:

    "...she defended the agency’s use of “qualified law co-op students as hearings officers.”

    “The student hearings officers work in a team environment with experienced hearings officers and their performance is closely monitored and direction is readily available from their supervisor,” St. John said."

    "But at Francois’s hearing, the student was alone for most of the submissions, as well as the ruling, as the CBSA supervisor had left for another hearing. St. John said there was no need for additional evidence about Francois or Dillan’s criminal histories to be given to Shaw Dyck."

    "Representing the government at the hearing was a law student, who seemed very nice and smart, but was clearly very inexperienced."

    It has to be of concern to the public; that the face of Justice, dealing with gangsters, are green Law students without degrees...

  2. I guess you need the big bucks to afford David Giles’s lawyer.


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