Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Murdering Mothers, Grandmothers and Children

The concept of anyone murdering someone's grand mother is pretty outrageous. Yet we read that Yves Trudeau did so for the Hells Angels. Trudeau murdered Andre Desjardins as well as his girlfriend and his grandmother on behalf of the club.

Outrageous as it is, that is a historical fact. I can tell you the Italians would never do that. I can tell you the Irish would never do that. In my heart I'd boldly declare that the French would never do that either, yet Yves Trudeau was French and Mom had no problem with what he did.

The point is, every country and society has good and bad. Even the French have their social rejects. Let's face it, Yves Trudeau was 5' 6" and weighed 135 lbs. He was a hit man for the Hells Angels who had small man syndrome and was empowered with a gun. Just like Walter Stadnick. Walter was 5' 4".

I find the whole concept of murdering someone's family disturbing. Yet we recently discovered Jeffrey Albert Lynds confessed to murdering Randy Mersereau for the Hells Angels and fingered others for murdering Jeff's brother and sister in law. It is a pattern we see repeating itself with the Hells Angels.

Each case seems to involve luring in a friend then betraying them and shooting them. Just like the Lennoxville massacre. That kind of shocking betrayal appears to be a pattern with the Hells Angels.

Knowing that, one is forced to question the integrity of the Hells Angels who threatened Devron Quast's grandmother. After all who would threaten someone's grandmother? The Hells Angels did. Who would murder someone's grandmother? The Hells Angels did.

That brings us back to Prince George. We are told that no one can sell drugs in Prince George without the permission of the Hells Angels. We know the Renegades are a puppet club for the Hells Angels. We know the Independent Soldiers are now tied to the Hells Angels as well as the Game Tight Soldiers in Prince George.

We remember how William Moore was shot in his car outside his house which was torched in Prince George. Well "someone" burned Joey Arrance's tattoo parlor in Prince George as well as the home of his girlfriend's wheelchair bound mother with her inside. She later died of injuries incurred in that fire. What kind of garbage would do that to anyone?

We know it wasn't an accident because Joey was incarcerated at the time. It's a sick pattern but time reveals truth. Reporting these deviants to the police is not being a rat. Turning the other way is.

That would include people who claim Sonny Barger is some kind of American Hero. That is bizarre. Barger was friends with Otis Garret. He attended his trial. Otis was convicted of running a prostitution ring in San Francisco for the Hells Angels called the Love Nest.

After his conviction, Margo Compton was murdered for testifying against him along with her twin seven year old daughters. Otis Garret was finally convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin daughters. The Arian Brotherhood prison gang testified against them because murdering children was against their code of conduct.

Yet Sonny Barger still honours Otis Garret on his West Vegas web site. Sonny Barger replaced the SS lightning bolts of the Filthy Few patch with the number 666. He was present in the Monterey gang rape. Barger is no hero. If the Arian Brotherhood prison gang can break the silence against the Hells Angels, so can we.


  1. allllright, lets take it from the top:

    Yves Tudeau didn't kill Desjardins Grandmother for the hells. She was not the intended target, rather "collateral damage". I am not contesting the fact that Yves killed her, just contesting that the angels didn't actually order her murder, to the contrary of what your blog implies. Also, the statement, "He did it for Mom", is misleading as Boucher didn't join the Hells until 1987, while the murder in question was carried out in 1980. In fact, Trudeau was expelled from the Hells Angels in 1985, before Boucher ever wore a Hells Angels patch and well before he was in a position of power.

    Next: "the italians would never do that". The Italians have done that. In New York, Lucchese Crime Family Boss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso ordered the murder of an associate's ("Fat" Peter Chiodo)sister. The Italians are no better, or worse than the Big Red Machine.

    NEXT: Your statement regarding Mersereau would suggest that his brother and sister-in-law were innocent victims. The truth is that they were complicit members of a drug empire that was out performing the Nomads and Halifax chapter's organization. David Carroll even tried to recruit Randy's brother after he (Randy) "disappeared". Likening these murders to the killing of Desjardin's grandmother is just a wee bit far fetched and insinuates that they were killed due to their family relationship to Randy. They were killed by gangsters, because they were gangsters. Family has nothing to do with it.

    NEXT: Devron Quast was threatened, not his grandmother. Devron was threatened with the potential for violence against his family (his grandmother). His grandmother was never directly threatened, contrary to what your blog implies (regardless of how you intended to portray the threat). Also, no one in the aformentioned incident was threatened by a Hells Angel. Robert Shannon is an associate, that managed a drug operation for the Hells. He isn't one of them. The threat you refer to was delivered via a letter that Shannon sent from prison, where he was unable to recieve instructions from, or communicate with hells Angels. The statement that a hells angel threatened Quast's Grandmother is blatantly false.

    So really, now that the facts are actually presented, it would appear that Desjardin's grandmother wasn't a target, and wasn't killed by the organization. It would appear that Mersereau's relatives were killed because they were gangsters, plain and simple. It would appear that Quast was threatened (not his grandmother) by an imprisoned HA associate, not the Hells Organization. That leaves the Otis Garret murders, which you portray accuratly (more or less). Does the murder of a witness and her children make a trend? hmmm....

    Other than most of the blog being inaccurate, and misrepresenting events in order to give the appearance of a trend, it was a grrrreat blog.

    Here's some advice: If you are going to continue to slander gangsters, and refer to them as decietful, dishonorable, etc (which I agree they are), do it with facts they are represeneted in an unbiased light. Your manipulation and misrepresentation of events could be called decietful as well, making you somewhat of a hypocrit. You can't fight liars with lies, so maybe just stick to the facts. And if you unintentionally misrepresented these facts (which I doubt highly) I would suggest you do a little more research prior to blogging.

    But hey, if you're allright with manipulating people's perception to gain their support for your cause, then carry on!!

  2. I appreciate your insights but I disagree with them in this case. “Devron Quast was threatened, not his grandmother.” They threatened to harm Devron Quast’s grandmother. They didn’t walk up to his grandmother and say we’re gonna kick your ass. They wrote Devron Quast and said we know where your grandmother lives. That is what happened. It is cheap and rat like.

    Robert Shannon used his association with Weird Hal Porteous and the Hells Angels to intimidate others. The threat to Devron Quats’ grandmother did come from the Hells Angels. “We” know where your grandmother lives refers to the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels profited from the money they made from the cocaine Robert Shannon smuggled for them, they are responsible for what he does. Just like the Hells Angels are responsible for the torture of crack addicts in Prince George their puppet clubs to on their behalf.

    Collateral damage or not Yves Tudeau killed Desjardins Grandmother for the Hells Angels. Andre Desjardins was the intended target. Yet Tudeau also killed his girlfriend. Are you saying the Hells Angels didn’t want him to kill his girlfriend as well? I doubt that. The Hells Angels have a huge list of murders they have contracted out and that huge list includes girlfriends and sometimes family members.

    The Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George. It clearly appears that Joey Arrance’s girlfriend’s mother was killed by someone who worked for the Hells Angels just like William Moore was.

    Otis Garret was convicted of ordering the hit on Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters. The Arian Brotherhood prison gang testified that he asked them to murder Compton and her kids but they didn’t approve of murdering someone’s kids so he got someone else to do it. Acording to the Arian Brotherhood, the murder of her kids was premeditated.

    Now you’re gonna trash the Italians too. The case you cite was quoted in the media to break a mob "code of honor" that prohibits harming women, children or relatives not involved in organized crime. When the Italians break the code they suffer the same fate as when the French do. Their on their own and lose public support.

    You are right about the dates involving Mom Boucher. Tue Mom Boucher is not the only dirty rat in the Hells Angels but he is clearly one of them. I can’t believe he’s French. Just like David Carrol, he had no problem with internal assassinations and accepted them willingly. That is rat like.

    Are you going to shed some light on who killed Rusty and his wife?

  3. BTW Trudeau didn’t turn informant until after the Hells Angels betrayed and murdered his chapter. Biff watched them do it. Mom and Biff didn’t have a problem with the massacre, Trudeau did. That makes Trudeau better than Mom and Biff even thought beating the grandmother to death was completely wacked. Nevertheless Mom and Biff didn’t have a problem with that either.

  4. Chris, I don't know where you got your info about the Mersereau's but I would suspect a book or the media.
    Nancy Christensen was an innocent in all this and you make it sound like she was an accomplice of some sort. She was a new mother with two young kids to raise and she was doing a great job until that crew of idiots from North River who were selling drugs in colchester co. decided they wanted it all. They would have killed the whole family and probably burned the house down if it wasn't for the fact that Kirk and Nancy's 4 y.o. daughter had gone to her Grandmothers for the weekend.
    Dave wolf Carroll wanted Randy dead from the moment he left the HA's in 86/87. Wolf (for years) tried to recruit junior members in Quebec and Halifax to kill Randy for $20.000. There were no takers because most of the members respected Randy and his decision to leave the club. When Mom Boucher took control of the HA's in Quebec and had Dave wolf Carroll become part of the Nomads they went on a killing spree to gain territory and control of the drug markets in the East. Dave decided this would be a good time to have Randy killed and told high ranking members of the HA's (Boucher of the Nomads and McCrea in N.S.) that Randy had put a hit on himself (Dave) and them for $50.000 each. The hit story came out in time to coincide with the murder of Randy and a perfect way to appease the members in Quebec and Halifax along with the drug clientele in Halifax. So in the late 90's Dave found and recruited Jeff the backstabbing bastard from North River at a MacDonalds in Truro to kill Randy and do his dirty work for a promised piece of the Mersereau's pie and a new HA's patch on his back. So Jeff and his crew of misfits got the chance to kill Randy late in October of '99 after failing to blow him up at a car dealership in Bible Hill in Sept. of '99.
    Kirk told Dave wolf Carroll at a meeting at a mutual friends home in Dartmouth in 2000 to "fuck off", he wanted nothing to do with the idiot HA's who killed his brother. So Dave had Jeff the backstabbing idiot and his crew of misfits kill Kirk (and Nancy because she was there at the planned time), because the wolf didn't have the cahonies to do it himself.


  5. Garth: Thanks for the clarification. It’s sad. Really sad. But no lie can live forever. We’re seeing the same BS on the West Coast now.


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