Monday, January 10, 2011

Guthrie McKay and Lisa Dudley

This is sad. Guthrie McKay, a sports bike rider from Mission and his girlfriend Lisa Dudley were murdered back in September of 2008 in what police claim was likely a targeted hit. What were 81ers doing at his kids' fund raiser in 2009? Returning to the scene of the crime again?

Turns out there's more talk about Jeff Lynds being involved in Rusty Hall's murder. If Hells Angels attended the funeral of someone they killed, that would be far more rat like than reporting a murderer to the police.

Sadly a neighbour who heard gun shot wounds called the police but nothing happened until four days later. Lisa was still alive but died shortly thereafter. Lying in your own home dieing for four days. That is tragic.

Obviously the call to the police was mishandled. The person should have called 911 directly. When you hear shots fired that is something in process. You don't call the non emergency number for that. If there was such a long delay the neighbour should have called back. However, it's not something that likely happened every day in that neighbourhood. The person said they were 80% sure they heard shots from the house. There is no question the police should have responded and the call was mishandled. A real tragedy. Yet the police didn't shoot Guthrie and Lisa someone else did. That needs to be investigated.

Seemingly a public enquiry into the death was held. That means publication bans on the evidence has been lifted so there is no reason we can't examine and discuss the evidence as to who murdered them and why. That is the ultimate relevance.

This case has inspired me to start an unsolved murder web page. We need to follow up on these cases and report what we know about them to the police. Ratting out a murderer isn't being a rat. Turning the other way is.


    Funny, seems the Inquest docs have been removed from the website

  2. You saw it there before? Suspicious to say the least. Right after a judge said Lisa's family can't sue because Lisa is death which is astounding:


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