Thursday, March 25, 2021

The older brother's sacrifice

Today I'm going to tell you a jackanory. A story about two brothers. Since some anal misfits claim the story is fiction, I will tell it as a parable because the anal misfits are clearly missing the point.

Once upon a time there were two brothers who shared a dream. They both wanted to become artists but they couldn't both afford to go to art school. So the older brother said to the younger brother, I'll go to work and put you though art school. When you fininsh school and start painting, you can put me through art school. So the story begins.

The older brother did physical labour while the younger brother practiced intently at art school. After many years of hard work, the younger brother finally graduated and started making money from his paintings. He said to the older brother, I'm ready to return the favor and put you through art school now. Unfortunately, the years of manual labour had taken its toll on the older brother and his calloused hands were unable to hold a paint brush so to memorialize the sacrifice, the younger brother painted the older brother's hands.

The moral of the story is that of sacrifice. The older brother made a sincere sacrifice for the younger brother and the younger brother benefited from it. The older brother is a role model. Someone who put his brother's needs above his own. He was a sucess. He successfully put his younger brother through school. Yet the world wouldn't really see him as a sucess. That's why a friend of the world is an enemy to God. It is the principle of sacrifice that I want to expound on.

Sacrifice is something the yuppie drug dealers and gang bangers cannot comprehend. Their selfish world revolves around greed. It's like the Bacon trash. They trade girlfriends like hockey cards. They have no idea what love is because they don't love themselves. They need to surround themselves with material possessions because they have no self-image and no self-worth. The 81 world has it backwards. You go to jail for me and when you get your patch someone else will go to jail for you. It's just another Ponzi scam that falls short.
Alan Watts once said that the literal translation of the Greek word for sin means to miss the mark like an archer who misses his target. If our goal in life is to find joy, then to sin would be to miss that goal. It would be to indulge in activities that rob us of joy and lasting happiness.

Adam was told by the sweat of thy brow though shalt labour all the days of thy life and in this life ye shall have joy. Work is the means of all accomplishment. There is no joy in life without it. It is the basis for self-esteem and self-respect. Without hard work, we can't accomplish anything.

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