Friday, March 19, 2021

81 hand grenades seized in Ontario Biker Bust

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The provincial biker squad says it has dismantled four criminal networks in southern Ontario that were selling illegal firearms, including fully automatic machine-guns, dozens of hand grenades, grenade launchers cocaine and marijuana. Two bikers connected to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in London, Ont., were among the 10 suspects hit with 268 charges from the eight-month investigation called Project Weaver."

"Police said they seized 31 illegal firearms, 81 hand grenades, two grenade launchers, three explosive devices, 10.85 kg of cocaine and 216 lbs of illegal cannabis, five lbs of hashish, more than $10,000 in other illegal cannabis products, 36 lbs of psilocybin, 715 grams of MDMA, $127,757 in Canadian currency, $2,106 in U.S. currency, eight vehicles and a probationary-level Outlaws Motorcycle Club vest."

Although the article does not say what the other four criminal groups were, the Outlaws have always had far more credibility in Ontario than the Hells Angels in Ontario. Quebec HAs are rock solid. 81 hand grenades is rather shocking. One would think those were from Quebec but in Quebec they normally use dynamite. I have no idea where they would get 81 hand grenades from. Thre article said it didn't come from the Canadian military which is what we would normally expect. Perhaps it was the US military. It must have been a sting.

This is an example of an illegal firearms bust. None of these firearms were legally obtained. No one legally buys machine guns and grenades in Canada. This article shows us two things. Ontario still has a Biker Enforcement Unit and still makes drug busts. BC does not.

The BC Liberals did away with the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit and the BC NDP never brought it back making one no better than the other. The BC NDP just want to profit from crime which makes them no better than the Liberals.

"Wade said the probe highlighted that criminal groups are still involved in the cannabis trade, even though it has been legalized. Criminals can reap significant profits by ignoring Health Canada quality guidelines." Since pot has been legalized there is no such thing as illegal pot just unlicensed pot. No one care about unlicensed pot or black market cigarettes. These do not destroy communities like crack, fentanyl and crystal meth do.
The National Post is reporting that Ryan (Big Red) Daigneault and Jayme Hill are among those arrested. They must have said hey do you want 81 hand grenades and they said sure.
In fact, there is no reason other than military applications to manufacture hand grenades and grenade launchers. There is no practical application of grenade launchers on the street which makes this bust suspicious. I can tell you right now where they came from. They came from CSIS, the CIA or the RCMP. This was a sting.

If organized crime wants to burn out a business, they will use a petrol bomb. A hand grenade isn't going to blow up a building. In the Quebec gang war, they used dynamite. Back in Belfast they would fill an old car full of fertilizer and diesel fuel. Grenade launchers are more of a toy since they have no practical application on the street. It's very difficult to aim a grenade launcher. You need to make calculations and test shots.

I have a friend who bought a black powder cannon from the States. I was like WTF are you going to do with that? Fire it in the bush. It's just a toy. Seemingly they're not regulated. Sure enough he shows me a video on his phone of him and a buddy firing this thing off in the bush. It took trial and error to know how much powder to use. To save money on ammo the just fill old paint tins with concrete. Aiming a grenade launcher is like aiming a black powder cannon. It's very hard to do.

If you're at war and you are firing at enemy lines, well sure. That simply is not practical on the street. Back in Belfast they would use rpgs. For real. Those ya just point and click. Ya see a big military fortress like something out of Mad Max, you aim the rpg and pull the trigger. That has a practical application. Grenade launchers don't. So that means these hand grenades and grenade launchers came from CSIS, the CIA or the RCMP.

I'm certainly not hating on the BEU. They get sh*t done. Bob Deasy was the real deal. However, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out where they came from. It's just like the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud. Jon had no idea how to make a pressure cooker bomb and neither do I. The RCMP had to provide him with them. He casually mentioned you know if you want these things to work you need some C4. So they showed up with some C4 and he sh*t his pants.

It's just like the Toronto Via Rail fraud. Those kids did not have access to those kinds of explosives. The RCMP gave it to them. Just like CSIS and Air India. If CSIS hadn't given them the explosives, the Air India bombing never would have happened.

So in this case the RCMP agent says to the Outlaws, hey you want 81 hand grenades? They were like f*ck off. You can't get any hand grenades. He was like, yes I can. Complete with grenade launchers. Do you want them? Thinking he was full of sh*t they said yeah I want them. Mostly to shut him up or see if he could actually get them or not. Again if the police agent hadn't provided them, they wouldn't have been able to acquire them.

The BEU have been targeting this big Red guy for quite a while. I'm not saying the BEU set him up, I'm saying the RCMP did because that's the way they roll. FBI foil FBI plot only this time it was the RCMP's over funded terror squad. If they found the millions of dollars they lost from their budget, tax payers would be much better off. Losing that much money is organized crime.
You can't walk up to someone or drive up to someone in a car and throw a hand grenade out the window. If you do, it will bring a lot of attention to you and you'll get caught. Remember this Mac10 with the huge silencer they pulled out of the Fraser River in 2009? This is the kind of firearm they use in a gang shootings. The silencer is to make it quiet so they don't attract too much attention. This is not a legally obtained firearm. Mac10's are illegal in Canada. You can't buy one with a firearm license so it wasn't supplied by a legal gun owner.

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