Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cross examination of Officer who shot Hudson Brooks

The Peace arch News is reporting that "The police officer who fatally shot Hudson Brooks in South Surrey in July 2015 shared her version of events publicly for the first time Tuesday (March 2), in giving evidence at a coroner’s inquest into the incident."

"Cucheran, an officer since 2008, said she was among those on duty at the South Surrey RCMP detachment, in the 1800-block of 152 Street, in the early morning hours of July 18, 2015 when police received a report of a male walking down the street yelling kill me.”

False. She did not hear Hudson say that. She is repeating what dispatch told her. The witnesses who called 911 said he was screaming THEY are trying to kill me. He was running away from a mob at the same park Dario Bartoli was fatally beaten at.

"The moment that Mr. Brooks was aware of my presence… he launched himself at me, she said, describing the 20-year-old at that point as so fixated on me. Cucheran said she believed Brooks was going to kill her, and said that when she shot him, he didn’t react.”

That is a bold-faced lie and it contradicts the known facts.

Hudson was frantically running away from a mob trying to kill him. The rookie officer drew her weapon and ordered him to stop. As se drew her weapon she shot herself in the foot and Hudson ran past her. She then radioed for help stating she had been shot. Dispatch sent the wolves out thinking an officer had been shot by a suspect. She then radioed dispatch and said I think I shot myself. That was recorded on tape for all of us to hear.

She was not the one that shot Hudson. Another officer did after he caught up with him. She claims Hudson came at her and she shot him multiple times. Was that before she shot herself in the foot or after? She drew her gun, shot herself in the foot and Hudson ran past her.

The tape also recorded how the other officer who caught up with Hudson shot him several times without ordering him to stop because he though Hudson had shot a police officer when he hadn't. It was a complete tragedy but lying about it will not help anyone.
This is why you're not allowed to wear a shoulder holster at the tactical range. It is theoretically possible that you could shoot the person beside you when you draw from a shoulder holster. If you draw from a side holster the worse you can do is shoot yourself in the foot. Notice that while this youtuber is drawing from a shoulder holster, his finger is not on the trigger.

Now look at this other female officer in the DTES that shot a suspect in the leg while he charged her with a knife. She showed great composure and self control. She draws the firearm but tilts it slightly down ready to raise or lower it in an instant. Everyone is trained to shoot the suspect in the chest yet with all the mental health issues out there this officer went above and beyond.
In Hudson's case the officer claims that after she panicked and shot herself in the foot, she regained her composure to pull down a bead on him and shot him several times in the chest. That did not happen. Her people told her to lie for two reasons. They are mad at her and blame her for the shooting. They claim if she hadn't shot herself Hudson would still be alive. It's also their best chance at getting off. If Hudson did attack her, it would have been self defense. He didn't. That means the alpha wolf shot an unarmed civilian dead without giving him a chance to surrender because he thought Hudson had shot a police officer when he hadn't. That's murder.

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