Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Another RCMP false flag attack in Alberta

Global is reporting that "An explosion led police to a car packed with explosives and a man with severe injuries in Sherwood Park Tuesday night, Global News has learned. The 21-year-old man died of his injuries, RCMP confirmed in a Wednesday afternoon news conference. Police sources said the incident is not believe to be a national security event, but said motive was not yet known." AYFKM? Every crime has a motive.

After Surrey finally decides to get rid of the compromised RCMP, they launch another ridiculous false flag event in Alberta to justify their existence. You can't ever justify taking everyone off of organized crime and putting them on a Terrorist task force mandated with terrorist quotas. Nor can you ever rationalize losing billions of dollars from your already inflated budget every year. Losing that much money is organized crime. GMAFB.

The RCMP's terrorist creation task force is reporting that "RCMP identified the man Thursday in a news release as Kane Kosolowsky. He was discovered in the parkade in between the pair of blasts suffering from a gunshot wound. He later died in hospital. Police have said they were not involved in Kosolowsky’s death and that no other suspects are being sought." Yeah right a white kid commits suicide after loading a car full of explosives. BULLSH*T!

"Mounties have not identified any motive for the attack." Actually we have. The only motive for the attack is so the RCMP can justify their inflated terrorist creating budget and their losing billions of tax dollars every year from that budget. That is the only motive for this attack.

Just so we are clear, the previous terrorist event in Edmonton was orchestrated. The RCMP was holding a terrorist training seminar in a hotel at ground zero when the orchestrated event occurred. A blog reader was staying at the same hotel and contacted me about it.

Lest we forget: Catherine Bruce Slammed the RCMP Terror Squad.

Where the heck’s that $3.1-billion? Where’s the fury?

Canada can’t account for $3.1 billion in anti terrorism

Bill Tieleman on RCMP Terrorist Quotas

Update: "It's so out of his character. Kane was a really, really good kid."

Was it really a self inflicted gunshot wound?


  1. Rumor has it he was storing that over night. He was going to cause some damage at the Sal Comp across the street. I still do not think he acted alone. He got scare and shot himself.

    1. Personally I think the whole thing is a crock of sh*t. He obviously didn't want to do it. What's far more likely is that the RCMP terrorist task force was extorting him into committing a terrorist act like they did in the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud. He didn't want to do it so instead of hurting innocent people and live with the RCMP extortion, he simply killed himself. That is far more believable than a crime with no motive.

  2. I think you may have some behind the scenes information. Care to share a bit?

    (and you wonder why there are surveillance devices by your house - yet there should not be as you do not appear to be a threat and I highly doubt anything in your past points to you being any form of a real threat)

    1. I'm only a threat to criminal activity inside and outside of the RCMP. I don't have inside information on this case yet but I do have inside information about the previous one in Edmonton. I thought I wrote about it but I can't seem to find where in the archives.

      In the previous Edmonton attack a blog reader was staying in a hotel that weekend right at ground zero overlooking everything. They said they met a couple in the hot tub of the hotel who worked with the RCMP. The couple said they were there for a terrorist training seminar. Right after they met them the terrorist attack happened. The couple admitted it was very suspicious but said they had signed nondisclosure agreements and wouldn't say any more after that.

    2. I do have inside information on the John Nuttall case. I met his mother and grandmother outside the courthouse. His elderly Caucasian Christian grandmother was sharing the basement suit with them at the time. She said some of the artifacts on TV the police said were for making bombs belonged to her and had absolutely nothing to do with making bombs. She left right before the attack happened because they were all afraid the RCMP agent was going to kill them if they didn't do everything he told them to do. They were hiding with the curtains drawn thinking the RCMP agent would come there at any time to kill them. They weren't bribed into committing a terrorist attack like the others. They RCMP threatened their life and the life of their families.

  3. Justice Bruce's decision is a pretty damning read. Makes you wonder why a few careers didn't end over that. Another case of "we're the police, we can do whatever we want" no doubt.


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