Wednesday, November 7, 2018

State of the Circus: Canadian and American Politics

There is no question that the polarized political extremism in the United States has become a circus side show of division and deception. Right now there is no union. There's just cult like extremism on both sides of the fence. Crossing the border now is like crossing over into the Twilight Zone. Right now the only person making sense south of the 49 is Rachel Blevins.

I have to admit the Democrats ran a smart campaign during the recent midterm election. They put Obama in the forefront and hid Hillary completely. That was wise and successful because Obama is respected while Hillary Clinton is not. However, let's recap the obvious.

Obama used executive privileged to hide Hillary Clinton's involvement with Operation Fast and Furious. Under the direction of the CIA, the ATF were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. Hillary Clinton was the author of that operation.

Hillary Clinton supporters are defiantly blind to that fact. There's a long list of atrocities that Hillary Clinton has been involved with. Selling weapons grade uranium to Russia for nuclear missiles is one but there's more. She was also selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar who in turn were supplying ISIS. Hillary Clinton's supporters are defiantly blind to those facts.

However, Trump fans are equally blind. Hillary Clinton supported a CIA coup in Honduras but so did Donald Trump. Donald Trump supported election fraud in Honduras. Honduras has been a central hub in the CIA's drug trafficking network since Iran Contra. The coup in Honduras and the election fraud was to support the CIA's drug trafficking network. The president who committed the election fraud was very unpopular with the people because he was taking money from hospitals and medicine and putting it in his pocket. His own brother was hiding in the US from cocaine trafficking accusations and Donald Trump still backed the election fraud. In return for doing so, the CIA's drug president spoke in favor of moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Hillary Clinton supplied ISIS through Saudi Arabia and so is Donald Trump so nothing has really changed. Trump supporters are defiantly blindly to those facts. When push comes to shove Donald Trump is simply controlled opposition just like Alex Jones. He is a circus side show promoting the Pentagon's trillion dollar fraud just like the Democrats. Nothing has changed.

Canada's Political Circus

Canada is most certainly no better than the United States. We are different but we are similar and have started down that same road of division and deception. The alt left is no better than the alt right. We need to shun extremism. Justin Trudeau recently made reference to the demonizing of political opponents. Although he is right about political diversity, it's hard not to demonize such bizarre extremism on either side of the fence.

I am somewhat relieved that Justin Trudeau has agreed to support Surrey's choice for transit instead of forcing LRT upon us against our will. Even former LRT advocates on the Mayor's council realize you can't force LRT upon a city who clearly doesn't want it. Now we are finally starting to make sense. Before the last election we weren't. Linda Hepner was bound and determined to steam roll ahead against the democratic will of Surrey. As a result, her fail army was wiped off the planet at the last election. Good riddance.

The next question is how can the federal government force a pipeline on BC without our consent? The pipeline is not the problem. The terms and conditions of the pipeline is the problem. Rachel Notley is a raging lunatic that needs to be replaced. Alberta needs BC's consent to proceed.

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