Thursday, November 8, 2018

3 Bacchus MC members sentenced for extortion

CBC is reporting that "Three Nova Scotia members of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club have been sentenced to jail terms ranging from 18 months to three years on charges of extortion and extortion as members of a criminal organization." Patrick James is the flaming idiot with bad ink.

The punk ass b*tches were threatening a guy for starting a chapter of the Montreal-based Brotherhood Motorcycle Club in Nova Scotia. Buttkiss has NO right to tell any non criminal MC they are not allowed to form. These are the f*ck ups that did the same thing to a couple of senior citizens at a Tim Horton's in New Brunswick for starting a non criminal Christian MC. These guys are complete losers. Cover that tacky sh*t up with some real ink will ya. Hillbilly.


  1. These guys have multiple $30,000 motorcycles not because of their hard work but because of their extortion games. Disrespected our club? Pay us $5,000. Looked at me wrong ? Pay me $1,000. Brilliant.

    1. Paying an idiot like that any money for extortion is a crime against humanity. Sometimes people just have to wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. With their criminal organization status these guys are just "heat scores" now. Do not be surprised if the club "folds" very soon (more like pressure from the HA will make them disband because of their getting caught (not because of their actions)).


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