Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Johnny Newcome BUSTED!

Another Kelowna Hells Angel bites the dust. Police are announcing that they have discovered a stolen car ring tied to the Hells Angels in Kelowna and have arrested Johnny Newcome from Cycle Logic as the ringleader. Wow. The Kelowna Hells Angels are sure getting their ass kicked by law and order. Pride cometh before the fall.

I want to pause for a moment and emphasize how significant this latest bust really is. We all know that crack dealers and crystal meth dealers are low life scumbags. When I started advertizing the Kelowna Summer Jam before summer started, I really wanted to clarify the misconception of what a rat really is. I took it back a notch and tried to find some common ground. Something everyone could agree on.

The first thing that came to mind was the old notion of a Surrey rat. Some punk ass kid who steals cars and breaks into comes. You can’t get any lower than that. Someone who steals stuff is a low life. Everyone can agree with that. Reporting a car thief to the police isn’t being a rat. Stealing cars is being a rat. That was something everyone could agree on. I took that argument one step further and said people who sell crack are just as bad as car thieves. Ratting out a crack dealer isn’t being a rat, failing to do so is. Likewise with murder. Reporting Geoff Meisner or Britney Irving’s murder to the police isn’t being a rat. Betraying them and murdering them is being the rat.

Low and behold, the CFSEU break up a stolen property trafficking ring for the first time in BC’s history. Tied to the Hells angels. Wow. There’s no L & R there. Just low life greed. The police are alleging that this organized crime ring would bring stolen cars and boats to Cycle Logic where Johnny be good would revin it and send them on their way.

In once case, the police are alleging the President of the Kelowna Hells Angels reported two vehicles as stolen, and the vehicles were later processed at the garage. Police also recovered three stolen vehicles that were allegedly in the possession of the Calgary Hells Angels chapter. Wow, that is lower than I thought they could possibly go. They have no right to EVER use the word rat again unless they are referring to themselves.

This bust seals the deal. The Kelowna Hells angels are a criminal organization. Their clubhouse should be seized. Carpe Diem.

A member of the Nanaimo Hells Angels worked at that chop shop as well.


  1. For 30 years, the RCMP have known the existance of 3 Chop Shops operated by the Hells Angels associates in VERNON!
    Vehicles from all over BC and Canada are brought to these shops and are often re VIN'ed , with the assistance of the HOT phone call to ICBC re-registration inside Crime Operation!!!
    RCMP hae an upper BRASS who would rather dane with these HA associate RIMINALS than do the expeditious job in putting and end to these well known Criminal Operations!
    A recently expelled HA (full patched member) knows, and has ties, to this operation!
    Example : Northgate (Vernon)!
    The Warehouses are enormously stocked with stolen chopped Vehicle PARTS!
    RCMP are well aware of its long existance and are Brass quided to "hands off" Procdure and Policy of the S/E Sector RCMP Division!
    There is a LOT more to be exposed re ICBC involvement over the last 30 years - and thier connections to the RCMP!
    I have personally known Operators from as far back as 1988, when an Chop Shop Owner told me the whole operation in detail!

  2. Chop shops in Vernon are worth following up on.
    Yet this Kelowna bust is a step in the right direction.

    1. The chop shop I referred to as knowing the owner, was located in SURREY!
      The knowledge of this shop lead me to do surveilance on the Vernon shops, which greatly upset the RCMP because it put them directly involved with protecting these chop shops - owned by HELLS ANGELS!!
      A heavy drug using OIC of Vernon Detachment, at the time, was so upset with my thourough and accurate Photo work of the Drug Scene in Vernon, and its associated crimes, that he posted and sent a letter to me with copies to the Mayor at the time - needless to say it was packed full of nansty LIES.
      That OIC was McVarnock and he was later praised for his lack of any fuctional use to the detachment and given a Superintendants $225,000.00 position and shipped up to the far NORTH - Siberia like shift!
      The major and council of that day were all connected to protecting the CENTRE OF BC BUD, operated by most of the HIGH SOCIETY - all dear friends of Mayor and Councillors!
      Two councillors had direct ties to Street Drugs and associated crimes - ie Prostitution - (realtors as well, included was a previous OIC now doing Traffick for SE Sector)!!!
      There is so much Drug money Laundering going on in Vernon that all the Banks doubled thier offices (with seperate Morgage Offices) and Mortgae Companies set up, by the numbers, equivalent to 1 for every 2,000 people - as noted by an Ex-RCMP and good friend of mine! Big Money Launderers from the Coast were called in and all the RCMP knew every one of them and who they represented!
      For the past 10 years this exceptionally LARGE operation has been going on without RCMP intervention!
      Per Cpita, related to Crime Statistics, Vancouver would be far down the numbers list compared to Vernon, when comes to Drug and related Crimes requiring Money Laundering!

  3. I love it when bad things happen to bad people.

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  5. Possible but I'm skeptical. I believe the part about Surrey by the Lake but even if the UN did have a presence in Kelowna there is no way they would be nearly as big a concern as the Hells Angels there. The last two busts show that. We heard there was one UN guy living out that way and that hillbilly with the UN was busted out that way a while ago. I’m not sure if that’s the same member the papers were referring to or not. If there is a UN presence there causing problems then I invite locals to send in names and pictures. Either way we can’t let up on the Hells Angels. They are the biggest plague this country has to face.

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    3. When you said UN I thought of Matt the Rat Schrader. He was the UN player in Surrey. Claimed to be friends with the UN while claiming to be friends with Rob Shannon and Weird Hal Porteous at the same time. It's just hard to conceive that the Hells Angels would be exterminating the Duhre Dhak group all over Surrey and the lower mainland then let them have a free license to do business in Kelowna, a Hells Angels strong hold. Then again, the little rat was involved with Rob Sidhu who got info from the police about the Bacon Brothers for the UN the same time Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon. They're all a bunch of back stabbing rats.Now we find out they're car thieves as well. That must mean those Dhaks are buying their drugs from the Hells Angels otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to operate.


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