Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Bacchus members charged with uttering threats in Dartmouth

Three members of Bacchus were arrested in Dartmouth for uttering threats: Pat James, the flaming idiot with the bad ink, David Pearce and Duane Howe. Police seized vests as well as steroids and magic mushrooms. Great. Hillbillies on juice and shrooms. Flaming idiots.

They’re still wearing the traditional logo of their patron saint with the condom nose and the poked out eye. The condom nose is for kissing HA ass with all those support pins they wear and the bromance pictures they post. Don’t forget their patron saint is no Spartan. He’s a Roman soldier who was openly gay and secretly Christian. It’s OK we won’t tell anyone. Much.

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  1. well now isnt this interesting..seems like the R.C.M.P. and The Intregrated Street Crime Workers Which are many are finally listening to the biker community and the local residents of nova scotia...great job.i am sure this will just be the start of many arrests and seizures ahead restores the faith in our Judicial system ,..our boys and gals in blue.
    Being a long standing and law abiding citizen and motorcyclist i have seen the descrimination and humiliation and downright dirty work of these idiots and their ass kissing so called crack head dealers and wannabees.we have no good words for these low life scum bags.
    They are turning our communiities and schools into drug induced zoos and stealing our childrens lives before our very eyes..we can make a difference and justice will prevail ..thanks Agent K for telling the world what exactly is going on without candy coating the reality of it all ..
    The Black Dahila .


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