Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another clown with a 666 tattoo on his face

In contrast, here we have Thor Koba, the son of Per Koba, a high ranking member of the Hells Angels in Denmark. Per’s son Thor is involved with AK81, a local Hells Angels support club. Clearly this guy never saw the movie. Thor is a good guy. He is not a supporter of 666. That would be Loki. So here we have another clown with not only a huge facial tattoo, a huge facial tattoo of the number 666. Does this guy have a job? What kind of a career are you going to have with a huge facial tattoo of the number 666? It doesn’t just scream freak, it also screams idiot. Someone who wants an excuse for not being able to get a real job. Oh right, he’s in prison.

Don’t support your local 666.


  1. Just a bunch of guys who like to ride motorcycles..... :rolleyes:

    I'm only an amateur psychologist, but anyone in Western society who gets a facial tattoo has serious issues. They already viewed themselves as an outsider but have decided to cement that position in the mind of everyone they meet. We of course give a pass to Maori and such where it is a tradition, but for a European, or a Canadian, or an American to do so is not normal.

    To pick "666" as the design of choice is an even further indicator that someone's brain housing group is defective.

  2. I agree Maori tradition is a bit different. I saw an episode of House where a patient went out of his way to get devil horn implants and facial piercing to look abnormal. It gave an interesting insight to the guys head space but clearly getting a facial tattoo of the number 666 is a loud and proud statement that the person isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. An act of rebellion screaming is God going to hate me and punish me for getting a 666 tattoo? No, your going to punish yourself when you try and get a job. Life is filled with natural consequences.

  3. i have a facial tattoo and i also have a wellpaid job in the financial sector but 666 over half your face is just f''king tasteless

  4. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden are among the most Atheist countries in the world.
    I really don´t think that the story behind the number 666 would be any real shocker to anyone. More people will probably think of the Iron Maiden song "Number Of The Beast" and very few would be upset by any biblical/anti-christian message as we don´t give a shit about Religion in any way..
    The Tattoo IS for sure ugly as Hell though!

    Thank you for an interesting Blog!

    Reader from Sweden..

  5. Greetings Sweden. All hail IKEA. So if someone is an atheist, that means they don't
    believe in God right? So someone doesn't believe in God but they do believe in the Devil? You would think that if someone believes the Devil exists they would also believe God exists as well and visa versa. Not to worry. It is an ugly tattoo nonetheless.

  6. Somehow I don't think the guy is a Christian. He's using a Christian reference to advertize something else. I think Iron Maiden made a similar reference in one of their songs.

  7. it stands for Filthy Few Forever

  8. Yes, it has a double meaning. It still looks absolutely ridiculous.


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