Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Port Moody Shooting

Meanwhile back on the ranch, a 32-year-old man well-known to police was shot and killed outside his Port Moody home today at 10:00 AM. The Vancouver Province is reporting a local resident claims the victim was Joseph Allen Markel who has a long history of drug trafficking offenses.

Port Moody Public Rally Against Gang Violence


  1. Who says we have to let incarcerated criminals have the privilege of communicating with other criminals? Jail should be so difficult and uncomfortable, that people would not do crimes that could put them there. This is the fault of the politicians who manage the government. They all have a personal agenda with their power and our tax base. Comfortable jails with a revolving door only serves to keep the government workers like police, judges and court services in pay cheques. Since most of the criminals are not new people, they are mostly repeat offenders, then we should not be letting these scofflaws manipulate us through negligent politicians. It boggles the mind how criminals can have more daily comforts than our veterans and elderly, many who live in poverty, but our criminals get all their basic needs met, and then some. Shame on the political leaders of this country, past and present. Stop allowing jail to be a comfortable social event for the brotherhood.

  2. free phones,baseball,hockey,socials,gym complete with free weights.
    Not big enough here we will sell you protein powder and let you smuggle in steroids.
    Want to run your criminal enterprise from behind bars no problem we will house HA and other dirtbag gangsters in their own range.
    What your in for murder! You would make a great dad here have a conjugal visit.
    Welcome to Corrections in Canada .They should rename it mistakes!!!


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