Thursday, September 27, 2012

Every murder was approved by a committee

Project Sharqc investigators say the Hells sought to "expand their empire" by conspiring to eliminate drug dealers who refused to buy from them. Investigators say targets included members of the rival Rock Machine as well as independent dealers. They were among 165 people killed between 1994 and 2001 during the war over control of lucrative drug territory in Quebec. Gee, it sure looks like that’s what’s happening now in Winnipeg and Lloydminster.

In the spring of 1997, bikers "voted in favour of establishing a $25,000 premium paid out of the 10% to all their Hells Angels members for the murder of a Rock Machine member," Leblanc said. She said every murder was approved by a committee. So if the Hells Angels contracted a murder, then that criminal organization is criminally responsible for that murder. That would include the East Vancouver Hells Angels when David Giles was on that executive. Let's not forget that they didn't just kill rivals. Nice shoes girls.


  1. Wasn't sure where to put this interesting story;

    MONTREAL - The Port of Windsor in southwestern Ontario is playing a pivotal role in the Mafia wars that have plagued Montreal over the last several years, according to an investigation by QMI Agency's investigative TV unit, JE."

    "A Mob insider told JE that the Calabrians are taking advantage of relatively lax security at Windsor's port to move drugs, while they kill Sicilian rivals."

    "The Calabrians gained money and power from their control of the Windsor port. And this control gave them support from drug suppliers and other mob-related people, the majority of whom only cared about money and had no specific allegiance to the Sicilians." CNews) also;

    "On or about Oct. 6, (Vito) Rizzuto’s scheduled release date, he will step out into a much-changed world from when he was arrested in 2004."

    "Rumours swirl that he might resettle in Ontario, rather than Montreal, his home since arriving in Canada from Italy in 1954. And there is even loose underworld chatter of a crew of triggermen loyal to Rizzuto gathering in the province; meanwhile, police in Montreal nervously wonder how unsettling his return might be to their already unsteady streetscape."

    “Street guys love him,” said an officer who has probed organized crime in Quebec. “He was a stand-up guy. He did his time, kept his mouth shut, suffered it all and came out the other end." (NatPost)

  2. Domenic Violi and the Calabrians in Hamilton, that's the ticket.

  3. Vito's out early Friday the 6th. Heh, a "crew of triggermen loyal to Rizzuto gathering"...

    Are the 'Ndrangehta already got a hit team ready; they must have planned for anything once he's out; will he fight...?

    A father & his own kid dead calls for blood. They know no other way, for centuries...

  4. Vito's out friday? I better hurry up with my Hamilton Calabrians post.


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