Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hells Angel with top secret clearance

Stephen Tucker the nose picker in the picture has left the Hells Angels in 2009 for undisclosed reasons. It is believed he left on good terms. When he left the Hells Angels he was secretary for the Fayetteville, North Carolina chapter. He was also a government contractor at Fort Bragg.

In 2009, Nick Prianos became a full patch member of the Fayetteville, North Carolina chapter. Sources claim he became the new secretary for the chapter at that time. Just like Tucker, he is a contractor for Fort Bragg. Prianos is employed by DS2 (Defense Support Services) where he provides contract work on military aircraft, as well as track and wheeled military vehicles. According to the Department of Defense, he holds a top secret clearance. That would be a red flag and a huge concern. A member of a criminal organization that sells drugs holding a top secret security clearance in the US military.

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  1. Are the Hells Angels not officially considered to be a criminal organization then in the U.S.?


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