Saturday, September 1, 2012

Billy Bowden get 8 years for drug trafficking

Billy Bowden, a former Hells Angels associate has just been sentenced to eight years for drug trafficking. He admitted to selling a kilo of cocaine to an old friend who turned out to be a police agent. Bowden, 36, was one of 13 people arrested in February 2012 as part of "Project Deplete."

Police seized about 6.9 kilograms of cocaine, 4.6 kg of crack cocaine, and 2.7 kg of methamphetamine. They also seized more than 9,800 tablets of ecstasy, about 500 tablets of oxycodone and about 900 grams of marijuana. The investigation went back to August 2011.

Crack and crystal meth. That is the biggest problem we now face in our communities. Mike on Crime is reporting Bowden joined the Hells Angels in July 2004, but was kicked out of the gang in 2006 following an internal dispute. That was when they killed his friend to let the Ontario Hells Angels take over the drug trade in Thompson and told him to suck it up or become a target.

Rumor had it he had crossed over to the Rock Machine and is very popular in his home town of Brandon. One news source claims one of the arrests in Project Deplete was of a guy named Jamie Christopher Korne who used to be a member of the Rock Machine but claimed to be president of Vagos in Canada. Vagos denied the guy ever became a full patch member let alone president or that Vagos are in Winnipeg. We do know Sean Brown was the National President of the reborn Rock Machine but there was a coup and they kicked him out “because he was a pussy.” Turns out that wasn’t entirely true. I am told what really happened was a bunch of young thugs took over the club and wanted to turn it into a gang which they did.

We know that Sean Brown ended up going over to Vagos in Toronto not Winnipeg. News reports claim he didn’t want to provoke the Hells Angels and wanted to stay out of Quebec as not to rekindle old animosity there. The news report claimed he wanted to stay away from the drugs which I can personally confirm they had posted on the RM web site when he was president. After the coup they took that part off and as we can now see in project Deplete, have returned full scale to the business of selling drugs.

We need to remember that in the year 2000, the founders of the Rock Machine as well as a few key leaders crossed over to join the Hells Angels to protect Mom Boucher’s interest in the club right before he went to prison. In 2008 Sean Brown relaunched the Rock Machine with the same Eagle’s head just with different colors – white and black instead of yellow. It actually looked awesome. So Sean Brown relaunching the Rock Machine in 2008 and the young thugs who kicked him out and took it over shortly thereafter means that it’s new kids and they are back in the business of selling drugs. I think Sean Brown had the right idea. Too bad the coup couldn’t see that. Unfortunately, Vagos uses the same Nazi lightening bolts as the rest of them.

I just don’t get this juvenile obsession with omg patches that grown men have. If you want to ride go ahead. Just don’t sell drugs or use a patch to bully people. There is no L & R in the Hells Angels or any of their puppet clubs. Bacchus isn’t an MC. They’re just a drinking club who sell drugs for the Hells Angels in PEI.


  1. It's coup (with a silent p) not coo(something doves and new mothers do).lmfao.

  2. I'm glad you finally wrote something accurate about Sean (About time). The guy has had some real crap said about him on here but i applaud you for finally getting some correct info out there. It's important to remember that Sean never opposed a "Return to Quebec" just opposed that the Winnipeg Rock were recruiting members and opening chapters off the internet. If you used to watch the Rock site then you would see a guy introducing himself on one page then a full patch member two pages later lol. Sean who is not all that savvy with computers stupidly gave control of the web site over to the winnipeg Rock Machine who had there own web master basically pulling a fast one on him to get the passwords and take the site away from Ontario, they promised to run it "to free up his time" The end result was a fake and very public smear campaign against Sean. I guess he could have fought them but what the fuck the damage was already done and he had been in negotiations with the Vagos long before that anyway. Sean had told me what was happening in the Rock and had told me he was "sick of of the canadian biker scene & the Bull Shit" This was a chance to just move on. Sean (Who is a very close friend) is no longer part of the Vagos in Canada and has left the country and now lives off the caribbean coast with his family he owns a small resort/marina type thing out there and last I herd is building the Vagos out that way, he no longer has anything to do with Canada Biker politics and I for one wish him all the best. God speed bro!

  3. Anyone who knows Sean knows he has 0 fear of the Hells so the there pussy thing is rediculous ,anyone who knows the story about there Keswick Ontario C.H knows he is no friend of the H.A lol. Funny how the cops must have surpressed that story from ever making the front page!

  4. I was getting mixed information at first. Every time I post something about a gang member everyone denies it and says it’s untrue. However, in this case I think what the new members of the Rock Machine outside of Winnipeg were saying about Sean was untrue. I doubt Billy Bowden had any part in kicking Sean out but I have no idea about the actual timing and who all was present at the time. I know the Hells Angels killed one of Billy’s friends and told him to suck it up or be a target. That was messed up.

    This leaves us with two questions to consider. If the founding members of the Rock Machine crossed over to the Hells Angels right before Mom Bucher went to prison, and if Sean was the one that resurrected the new RM logo, then one has to wonder how big the RM is now. It can’t be that big and is definitely filled with new kids so to speak.

    The other question is about the drug trafficking. Unfortunately, as popular as Billy Bowden is locally, he still appears to be heavily involved in drug trafficking. When Sean was involved they at least said on their web site they don’t sell drugs. Now they clearly do. In fact every OMG that says they don’t sell drugs do. That’s what makes them an OMG. The question is, will anyone create a MC in Canada that don’t sell drugs? That is possible and would be exactly what we need to save the MC movement from going down the toilet of drug abuse.

  5. Well looks like the end of the Winnipeg Rock,for now anyway I had figured there was only 4 or 5 of them left. To answer your question Bowden was not a member when Sean was running the show no one in Ontario had a clue who was who in Winnipeg towards the end but I know he wasn't there, He must have been one of the new online recruits. like I told you before when Winnipeg RM took over the club web site just before Sean`s departure they were recruiting there membership straight off the internet, a guy introduces himself in the guestbook and 2 pages later it's congrats bro welcome to the family. This kind of recruitment must have led to there demise.

    To Answer your other question it`s impossible to run a drug free club in Canada my ol buddy Sean learned that lesson the hard way. It`s a real catch 22 situation because of the Hells Angels `The So Called Gods Of The 1% World` (Or At least so they think) they have given themselves the right in there minds to say who wears a three piece patch and who doesn't so if you want a clean club with no drugs you have to recruit guys who just want to live a little on the edge but who have families and jobs the only problem with that is working class rebel rousers normally don`t have the balls to stand up to the Angels when they show up at your door making threats, these kind of people have to much to loose and wind up just quitting. So you have to then recruit guys who have more attitude and by attitude I mean more of a criminal nature, you know punks! You have to give credit where credit is due however Sean did manage to go from 2008 to 2010 with a fairly drug free outfit well in Ontario at

  6. It`s a real shame most people don't realize that most of the small time non 1% clubs have gone begging to the 81 for permission to wear the patches on there backs. This is one of the reasons the Rock Machine restarted in the first place, if that name doesn't say FUCK YOU I don't need your permission then I don't know what does.....You should do an article on the pile of rubble that was the Keswick Hells Angels club house at 32 Shirlea in Keswick and how Sean snapped it out from under them and then destroyed it, just a suggestion... I really never could figure out how that didn't `t make front page of any of the local rags....But I always suspected there are cops in Ontario that are in cahoots with the HA

  7. How was Sean involved with the Keswick clubhouse bust?

  8. He wasn't involved with any bust, thats back in 08 if i'm not mistaken .... it kind of a long story but the short version is the Hells Angels went into a panic a few years back when all there Club Houses were being seized by the cops they had just lost there London place and Toronto too a few years before so the owner of the Keswick C.H a former member out from the club put the place up for sale worried it was a matter of time before the cops seized it aswell, long and the short Sean's family bought it through there real estate business then evicted the dirt bags lol....

  9. Anyway that was years ago but still funny even now...HA=Homeless Angels lol


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