Friday, September 14, 2012

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out

Speaking of 9/11 and the subsequent loss of civil liberties, there was a screening of a movie put out by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at Sullivan Hall in Surrey last night. The movie is called 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out. It was very well done and worth seeing. This is the trailer and this is the movie in it’s entirety. You can purchase a copy of the DVD from their web site.

There are three aspects of the movie. First is the obvious everyone can see and understand. The collapse of the third tower as well as the twin towers looked just a controlled demolition. Never in the history of the world has a large steel framed tower collapsed due to heat and fire. Never. We have seen many examples of large steel framed towers burn for much longer periods of time, becoming completely gutted, and not collapse let alone at freefall speed like a controlled demolition. When you watch videos of the collapse of the towers along side videos of controlled demolitions, they look the same. You don’t have to be an architect or a scientist to see that. That was the first phase of the documentary. It repeatedly stressed that science says the towers fell like a controlled demolition.

The second phase of the movie talked about the molten steel and the heat needed to melt iron. Jet fuel and office fires do not generate the heat required to melt steel. Thermite does and would explain the melted cars found at the base of the towers as well as the intense heat found at the site long after their collapse. Bulldozers were seen lifting red hot metal from the ruble. Witnesses described seeing molten metal flowing at the scene. Scientists claimed they found thermite in the 9/11 dust and refuted claims that the same elements are found in paint and chalk.

The third phase of the movie was something completely new. They brought in a team of psychologists specializing in trauma and grief. They explained that the reason many people adamantly refuse to look at the evidence is that it disturbs their world view. They compared a person’s belief system or their world view to their idea of their home. Showing pictures of a cross stitch home sweet home and a house with a white picket fence, they explained that if you attack someone’s world view they feel as though you are attacking their home, what makes them feel safe, and they will instinctively fight to defend their home or in this case their world view. Even if it defies the evidence.

It reminded me of the saying never tear down a fence without knowing why it was put up. People often build fences of denial to protect them from having a breakdown. Tearing that fence down before they are ready can be harmful. Yet not doing so can result in the loss of even more innocent lives. One psychologist talked about the grief she experienced when her world view was crushed by the 9/11 evidence. She said she had to go for a walk and really process the hurt and grief she felt. I think it was am amazing film and recommend people watch it. Despite the raging insults, I still believe 9/11 was an inside job and that concerns me deeply.


  1. Though I stay away from crazy speculation here, but you lose credibility, when you claim the HRC is a secret CIA Agent!

    So I looked for serious, primary-source, evidence for these amazing claims, and found...a defunct website, which does not lead to any sane explanation for the paranoid conspiracy loons. And many missing links.

    You see, when you can't even show a web-site with solid, backed-up info., your statements of this, are just un-true, and there's no need for readers believe these wild, totally un-sourced materials. *It came form a website,* is just laughed out of real scholarship research, which ALL can aspire to.

    AK, don't you think, as many do, that a relying always on a "conspiracy view* of the world, is done by refusing to do the hard Academic-lifting. This ONLY by reading the history books, and drawing only those conclusions, based only on eyewitness and other letters, diaries, the paper trails of decision-makers.

    Once all human activity becomes based on secret, evil, *conspiracy* theories, the public square and Town-Hall-ism is vanished.

  2. Architects and Engineers for 911 truth are a team of over 1500 architects and engineers in the industry that claim the towers fells just like a controlled demolition. Claiming they fell like that due to heat and fire is looney. Operation Northwoods is not a conspiracy theory. It is a historical document that needs to be addressed. I have no idea what you are referring to about the HRC.

  3. HRC =Hilary Rodham Clinton, whom you clearly stated is "a CIA Officer."

    YOU stated this based on Nothing. There is NO *evidence.* Even the website you linked to (which itself has NO sources, just broken links) is full of crazy, totally un-sourced, fantasy garbage. NO links, NO proof.

    Please, if you would tell me again, WITH primary sources, how it is that Hilary Rodham Clinton (HRC to those who don't follow politics) is a "CIA Officer."

    I'm going to the US State Department site, to tell them what you've said, and see if they will respond.

  4. Oh my goodness. Bill Clinton's involvement with the CIA's drug trafficking out of Mena Arkansas when he was governor is long and documented. Clinton was involved with the crash of the BCCI which as we all know crashed because it was tied to the CIAs involvement with arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. Just like in Operation Fast and Furious as well as in Operation Wide Receiver. Hilary's law firm was also directly involved. The link to the concerns about the misuse of the children's defence fund works. One of the links in that article is old and is now broken. Yet the link about Senator Hillary Clinton entering Bank Crozier in Grenada during early 2003 for the purpose of withdrawing stolen and laundered U.S. Treasury funds still works:

    Do you really think it is at all surprising that presidential candidates have a past history with the CIA? We all know George Bush Senior was the Director of the CIA at one point. After his election we found out that Obama's education was paid for by the CIA. Since Hilary's law firm was involved with the CIA money laundering out of Mena Arkansas, and since she was caught trying to withdraw a stolen Treasury bill in Geneva, her involvement with the CIA doesn't come as any big surprise at all. The drug smuggling out of Mena was common knowledge for Sarah McClendon:

  5. However, I don’t see anywhere in this post where I mentioned Hilary Clinton. In this post I mentioned architects and engineers in the industry stating the three towers fell just like a controlled demolition.

  6. These people seem to know what they are talking about? Experts on the subject. To me, it doesn't take a genius or even a trained eye to see that this is a controlled demolition. And Tower 7 is the smoking gun.
    And don't get me going about the Pentagon. A real miracle of fabrication there too.


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