Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Hells Angels released on Bail

Meanwhile back on the ranch, two Hells Angles arrested in that drug bust following the Kelowna clubhouse raid have been released on bail this morning. Shawn Womacks and Orhan Saydam were released following an appearance before B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen in Vancouver. Bail hearings for two of the remaining six accused are ongoing in court.

This is what I mean. We have not seen an improvement in the court system in BC. If they let David Giles and Brian Oldham out on bail, we’re going to have to fire another corrupt judge.

Just for the record, the Vancouver Province reported that eight members of the Hells Angels were charged in that drug trafficking ring not two. That was before Johnny Newcomes’ chop shop was busted. A stolen travel trailer was seized in the drug bust as well.


  1. Just an FYI... Brock Larsen from Coldstream plead guilty and was sentenced in Sask. a few days ago. More cases going to trial this fall (Swanson, and Palfrey) (Vernon guys that were caught 300+ kilo's through Saskatchewan - up from Montana)

    1. One notes right away the participation of just local guys. They grew up there, sad to see so many locals doing half of Coldstream smuggling dope...?

    2. Sadly...Alot of the Vernon guys are tied up in the union / smuggling. Brock almost had his fingers cut off with a cigar cutter JUST before he was hauled in by the RCMP> the day after Swanson was nabbed with the blow in Sask. The US indictment against Chris Chambers (the scout) calls the ring "The Brock Palfrey Crime Group" ... but, only the HA can run those kind K's, and considering Brock never had the kind of clout to finance that kind of product, and was best only the mule. The HA lost 350 K's out of about 1,000 K's. The cost of doing business I guess. Even more troubling is...there have been Bandidos sightings recently in the North Okanagan....sigh.

  2. The Chop Shops, for stolen Vehicle from anywhere, are still untouched by RCMP who have known thier existance for decades!
    They are owned by the HELLS ANGELS, which were run by local HIGH SOCIETY (connections to POLITICS) under the Authorities Title "THE UNTOUCHABLES" in the 70's and 80's! I was offered a position in this gang operation by Larry Wiens - of course I REFusED, much to the discust of Maryann E Tarling!!! She later accepted a $10,000.00 bribe (with many more garantees) from ICBC!!! This was all part of ICBC knowing the past of the Wiens' and thier HISTORY!!!
    Randy and Trevor Jones, with friend Larry Wiens (Sister Maryann E. Tarling (nee Wiens) were part of the early 70,s Vernon Drug Growers and Traffickers at the time the CHOP SHOPS were beginning! That should establish the Vernon CHOP SHOP TIMELINE!
    The Wiens' were brought up DISFUNCTIONAL and a sevre problem to Vernon Society at the time!
    Now, sanctioned CHOP SHOP operations have grown immensely - to a multi million dollar business with the decades old well known ties to ICBC inside CORRUPT operations!!!
    It is no wonder WHY the entire JUDICIARY protects this kind of MONEY as it keeps BC running in the HIGH SOCiETY underground ECONOMY!


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