Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hells Angels face more Criminal organization charges

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Criminal organization charges have been tacked on to trafficking and conspiracy allegations against eight Hells Angels members accused of being involved in an international drug ring.

Last week police announced that they had raided a number of properties in the Okanagan and arrested Shawn Womacks, Murray Trekofski, Orhan Saydam, Bryan Oldham, Kevin Van Kalkeren, James Howard, Michael Read and David Giles. Giles is vice-president and Oldham is the sergeant at arms of the Kelowna chapter of the Hells Angels.

Womacks, Trekofski, Saydam and Oldham are charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance in association with a criminal organization. Oldham also faces a charge of conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance in association with a criminal organization.

Van Kalkeren, Howard, Read and Giles are charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance and conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance in association with a criminal organization. The cases of all eight accused appeared in B.C. Provincial Court and B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver Wednesday.


  1. I wonder how much legislation it would take to just brand the Hells Angels a criminal organization, once and for all. They really need to come back to earth, and start paying society some dues. Seize everything they have, and audit their associates and family members...follow the money trail, it ain;t hard to do! It might be time to lobby our MLA's, MP's and civic politicians to show them that it's just not acceptable anymore for these assholes to try and cheat the system...over, and over again.

  2. I thought the Hells Angels HAD been branded a criminal organization in Canada?? Am I wrong about that?

  3. Mike Read is a total scumbag, His girlfriend Kim Trimble married him to prevent testifying against him in court, as well as launder the drug money.LOL They got married after he was charged. This dirtbag has been a gangster in training for years, NO JOB< NO INCOME TAX NO respect for honest people. KIM his wife/partner is the true criminal. They live in Summerland and she runs the Lakeside resort there. HMMMMMM maybe that place is the laundry for the drug money. If Kim married Mike after he was charged can she hide from testifying against him ???? If so, Thats f....cked.


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