Friday, September 7, 2012

Harper severs diplomatic ties with Iran

Canada abruptly closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa. Iran supports Syrian president Bashar Assad. Well so does Russia. Does that mean we’re going to sever diplomatic ties with Russia? I don’t think Iran should have nuclear weapons but I don’t think China, India or any other country we are selling them to should either. Sarkozy said let’s trust Gadaffi with nuclear technology because we want to sell him a reactor. Then when he says he’s gonna buy one from someone else, we invaded and executed him. Stephen Harper is a dick wad. Remember Operation Ajax and Mohammad Mosaddegh? That is what this is about.

I am sick and tired of these ungodly oil wars being disguised as a quest for human rights. What about the Pakistan bombing? Somebody makes a deal to buy arms off Sarkozy. Then when they change their mind some intelligence agency blows them up.

If one of Israel’s enemies acquires nuclear weapons then that is a huge concern. The problem is that Mossad is so busy selling drugs and committing investment fraud along with the CIA, it’s hard to believe a word that comes out of their mouth either.

Nuclear power is problematic. Letting an enemy have nuclear power lets them have nuclear weapons. That’s why we shouldn’t be selling Candu reactors to China and India. Everyone rightfully freaks out when North Korea defiantly launches a missile test. Yet no one bats an eye when India conducts a nuclear test. Oh that’s OK because they’re an ally. It’s not OK. Just like it wasn’t OK for Iraq to use chemical weapons we sold them to use on Iran. That wasn’t OK either.

Look at the pattern. If a country has a nationalized oil program they all of a sudden become terrorists. That’s why Operation Fast and Furious existed. Other than making money off the arms and the cocaine, they wanted to sabotage the Mexican president’s war on drugs so they would elect a president that would follow through with the privatization of their oil.


  1. "we invaded and executed him"

    What??? "We" did? WhoTF is "we"?

    Last time I saw Daffy Ghadaffi he was being sodomized with a bayonet (ouch) by a mob of pissed off LIBYANS. WE executed him? How exactly did we manage that?

    Us doing some air operations, coastal patrols, supplying some guns, and a handful of advisers (we did all that) does not equal an INVASION. What happened in Iraq, THAT was an invasion.

    That whole "uprising" thing, "we" did that because he reneged on a deal to buy a reactor from us and went with another vendor? Really? I guess that whole Arab spring thing is a myth....better go tell all those Arabs they are just willing dupes of the CIA.....

    Oh, and Canada did not close the Embassy because Iran supports Syria's regime. They did it so that when the Israeli sub lurking offshore with a snootful of nuclear tipped cruise missiles turns Tehran into a pile of slag as soon as we un-elect Barry Soetero, no Canadians are there. Learn from America's mistakes don't you know.....

  2. France led the way but we had a Canadian poster boy that was "in charge" of the mission to uphold the seize fire by bombing one side. The rebels we empowered and supported executed him without a fair trial right after the French attacked his convoy and sent his running for cover. When he was arrested he said "Do you know the difference between right and wrong?" Evidently not. The rebels in Libya took up arms. In Syria the government was shooting unarmed civilians and nothing was done about it. Just like they did in Saudi.

    If I took and angry mob to Ottawa and started shooting at Stephen Harper I guarantee you the police would shoot back. Like I said, Mossad, MI6 and the CIA have point blank lied so many times we can't believe a word that comes out of their mouth any more. Operation Ajax was about oil. Egypt had their Arab spring without foreign intervention.

  3. Don't get me started on the October Surprise.


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