Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Cheers for the Po Po

Yo bro, I aint talking about no Teletubby. I’m talking about the POlice. With all these arrests of Hells Angels in Kelowna, we need to pause and salute the boys in blue or in our case, the men in red. A lot of people have been writing in and saying wow, with all these Hells Angels busts lately my faith in the police has sure been improved. I think that says it all.

When people see crime go unpunished and minimized, people lose faith in the system. Look at how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Last summer after the Jonathon Bacon and Larry Amero shooting in Kelowna, Pat Fogarty told the media "The Hells Angels chapter has almost dismantled now. They don‘t even have club status any more. Our biggest fear here in our province is actually the ones that aren‘t named."

That ridiculous statement forced us to question which side he was on. Either he was deliberately trying to misinform the public or someone in IHIT was deliberately trying to misinform him. One year later a completely different picture of the Hells Angels involvement in the drug trade and stolen property trade has been revealed and our faith in the police has been restored.

What we need to do now, is make sure some bureaucrat from upstairs doesn’t find who ever it is in the CFSEU that is doing such a great job and transfer them behind a desk as a result. I saw that happen in Seattle back in the /80’s. Twice. There was a cop on the beat named Chuck Pillon that was putting pressure on the crack dealers. He was so effective, they transferred him and put him behind a desk. In comes another cop on the beat in South Seattle who started doing a great job putting pressure on the crack dealers. In no time he too was transferred. It was very suspect. Just like how Richard Barszczewski pulled the plug on the Western Wind drug seizure. That guy should have been sent to jail not get a promotion. The fact that he is still lingering around is suspect.

Obviously there still are concerns within the police force that need to be addressed. Tasering someone repeatedly in the chest when they are on the ground is a misuse of the weapon. Tasering someone when they are hogtied is a crime. No doubt Jim Brown and Don Ray need to be fired. Yet that only means the struggle between good and evil continues not that we should abandon the struggle.

In the mean time we need to stop and applaud those involved in these latest busts and say well done. We also need to watch their back so they don’t get quietly transferred behind a desk so the streets can return to the status quo.


  1. It's a nice try, AK, but how many folks here in BC are going to be applauding the RCMP right now? I don't think you'll find many.

    Every single week that the RCMP are out of the spotlight, they put themselves right back in the next week.

    This week was one of the worst of all. I had never, ever thought that we had a Police that made strictly political raids, as in any 3rd world Dictatorship. But we do, here in BC, where, incredibly, the whole RCMP force, NOT just one guy, chose to smash in the doors and attack the people in a house; solely because the man criticized the RCMP!

  2. Well I'm certainly applauding the police. This was a job well done. Actually two. It was a lot of hard work and a group effort of many agencies and it paid off big time. It's like having a kid. If you criticize everything they do all the time, pretty soon they'll just give up and stop trying. The case you're referring to, was that the guy who's house was searched after complaining about Jim Brown's S&M site? That was bizarre and does need to be looked at yet it was separate from this case. This case is a fine example of a job well done.


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