Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paul ‘Sasquatch’ Porter gets two years for cocaine possession

Paul ‘Sasquatch’ Porter was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for possessing nearly a quarter-kilogram of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Before sentencing Porter, Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Kane likened drug trafficking to a “form of aggressive cancer permeating our society.”

“It is destroying the lives of users, it is destroying the lives of family members, it is all done in the name of greed, for money and profit,” said Kane. “These are serious crimes.”

Three cheers for Paul Kane. He is absolutely right. Crack kills. It destroys the lives of those who are addicted to it. It destroys communities plagued by the violent crime that goes along with it. It even destroys the lives of those who kill each other for the greed of cheating his neighbor and getting a monopoly on that dirty blood money.

Right now I have some of the girlfriends or spouses of some of the Ontario village idiots all up in my grill. One said I was a blood sucking parasite and asked if I even have a job or get paid to run my web site. Yes I have a job. I was hit hard in the recession and downsized so I had to take two part time jobs for peanuts to feed my family. Now I have a single full time job that pays better so things have improved considerably.

No, I don’t make a penny off of my web site and I want to keep it that way. I’ve had people kindly offer to donate to the cause but I thankfully declined and encouraged them to donate to a homeless shelter or foodline in East Vancouver instead. That’s where the real need is. I don’t even have advertizing banners on the site so I don’t make a dime.

It is a volunteer project because I genuinely care about my country and community and I genuinely care about the Vancouver gang war and all the lives those toxic drugs destroy. Having said that, yes I am very sarcastic and very uncouth. Am I no better than the criminals I write about? No I am not, but I don’t sell crack and I don’t profit from the crime and prostitution that destroys families across the country.

The sad thing is, the brain dead supporters of these village idiots have absolutely no remorse whatsoever. They have no conscience. So and so is a nice guy. He’s a good father and uncle. The guy is a cocaine dealer. This isn’t his first offense. The puppet club he was enforcing for was caught selling crack for the Hells Angels in Ontario just like the Zig Zag crew was in Winnipeg. Instead of being arrogant stalkers they really need to stop and think about what it is they are really supporting.

Have you ever walked down East Vancouver and seen the misery and violence that drug trade is causing? I saw a crack dealer the Hells Angels were enforcing for try and turn a guys’ 14 year old girlfriend into a crack ho at Surrey central. A 14 year old girl. If you have to ask why I am enraged, I can’t explain it to you. You people, who blindly support that with your lies and denial should be ashamed of yourselves. Instead of being quiet and remorseful about it, you’re loud and arrogant about it. That is shocking.

Here in Surrey, it’s hard to keep up with all the drug related shootings. The other day a guy was executed in his car picking his kids up from day care apparently with his kids in the back seat. That is outrageous. Just like the mother in Surrey who was executed while driving her car with her toddler in the back seat. That kind of unbridled evil is disturbing. Just as disturbing as the raging drama queens supporting it. You should be ashamed of yourself but your not and that is sad. You are the blood sucking parasite not me. You are the one profiting from that, not me.

A word about Paul Porter

Paul Porter used to be a member of the Rock Machine in Quebec. He crossed over from the Rock Machine along with the gangs founders and a few other leaders in 2000 right before Mom Boucher went to prison. Mom Boucher greeted these guys including Paul Porter with hugs and kisses. That’s a little bit too much man love for my comfort zone personally.

What’s even more disturbing is the allegation that during the Hells Angels drug war with the Rock Machine in Quebec, one source from Quebec claims Mom Boucher paid the Rock Machine to murder some of his own political rivals within the Hells Angels. At first I thought that was too outrageous to believe. Yet when you see the Rock Machine leaders cross over right before he went to jail, and how he greeted them, I’m beginning to wonder.

After all that’s their MO. That’s how they took over the leadership of the Death Riders in Laval. This isn’t about love and respect. This is about greed and betrayal and it’s about time we all realized that. The only way to stop the violence is to rat out the real rats. That is justice. No Justice, No Peace. Know justice, Know Peace. Word.


  1. Cool he got popped, but; 2 years for a quarter-k., that's eight big ounces, (and a bit more)! It's a pretty big load, automatic trafficking charge; so why not eight years, a minimum of one year per ounce, at least. Fer Christ Sake; an ounce is a really big baggie load.

    We see some really low time for weight a lot in this cocaine world.

    Does AK. remember that link I brought, about the bust that really started off The Kelowna Summer Jam; w/eighteen kilos recovered in K-town.

    The apartment owner where the k.'s were stored, got 2 years' house-arrest, ridiculous, really. He also helped transport k.'s locally.

    Cannot the Judges give these heavy-weight (no puns here) trials some real jail time for once?

    We keep seeing foolish sentences, like P. Porter's and the K-town one. Does anyone NOT think, that with 6 months off at least, Paul Porter will not be selling crack again after his short weight-loss regime ends?

    In fact, rules probably state that with his short-time, his Club position will be held for him, as well.

  2. Now that you mention it, I do remember the house arrest for the Kelowna cocaine bust you linked to a while ago. I didn't clue in it was for 18 kilos. That is ridiculous. The case that came to my mind was CJ Barowby who was caught trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angles and Peter Leask also gave him house arrest. Those kinds of sentences are insane. That's why I thought 2 years for less that 250 grams was a step in the right direction. There seems to be a huge difference between the Ontario Judicial system and the BC Injustice system. Ontario has a much greater population but they have much less delays in their court system. Their BEU seems pretty competent and their judges don't seem so psychotic like Peter Leask and many of the others here do.

  3. we have to feed THAT for 2 years ? u think the fighter jets are over budget ... wait until u see the jail chow bill when he is done

  4. thanks for the writing even tho i dont always agree with your stance or opinions...

    however telling people to donate money to charities which feed,clothe and house the drug addicts is a poor choice in my opinion...

    is really allowing addicts more time,money and resources to follow their vices really the answer???

    political correctness is ruining the world....

    also with the decent profits involved in larger scale drug distribution and house arrest and two year sentences that will be further reduced shouldnt we be blaming our incompetent legal system..

    anyway keep writing even though i dont really like you as you frankly are too much in others business

    all the best

  5. Fair comment. I support feeding the hungry and housing the homeless. I don't support handing out free needles and free crack pipes. Homes not drugs. The judicial system does need to change. I guess the drug addicted homeless is my primary beef. These are the poorest people in the country and these gang members are getting them addicted to a drug that destroys them physically and keeps them craving for more so it then forces them to steal or turn to the sex trade to pay for their habit. If they don't pay their drug debts they are tortured or thrown out of windows. That reinforces my position that the guys I write about that put those drugs on the street and profit from that violence are the real problem in our society.

  6. The question is how to solve the problem. Nothing we are doing actually works. What are we prepared to do to solve the problem?

    Nothing that will work, apparently. We as a society do not have the stomach or the will to what will actually work and solve the problem.

    As if it needed stating, here's the answer. Get rid of the problem. Be willing to do what will actually accomplish that. Anything less is fooling yourself about your level of commitment to doing so.

    To put this another way, we are in a fight, but we are not willing to throw a real punch. Lot's of requests to cease and desist, a slap here or there, but that's it. No real punches, certainly not actually eliminating the opponent.

    The opponent offers us slavery, addiction, degradation, and death, while he enriches himself thereby. And we accept. You can describe it in softer terms if you like, but those softer terms are an excuse to do nothing that will actually work.

    Individually, the enemy has the will. Recognizing the force multiplier of the group, they band together to accomplish their evil goals. Some of us have the individual will, yet we hamstring and constrain ourselves from acting effectively as a group, we have laws and rules that are OK for most people but are ineffective against the opponent we face. They are not law abiding and have no effective restraint upon them. That is our weakness, which we amazingly call strength so as not to face our lack of resolve and realize that as a group we are cowards, that we have those among us who would deal effectively with these predators, but we fail to give them the permission they need to do so, and were one or more of them to do so anyway, the sheep among us would say THEY were the problem.

    There is one thing I'd like to say to these judges who sentence people caught with multi kilo amounts of coke and meth to these ridiculous penalties rather than the decades in prison they deserve.

    Fuck You, you spineless over-educated pussies.

    This subhuman scum, these gangsters/drug dealers/pimps deserve to be taken out and shot, or publicly hung pour encourager les autres.

    And you thought I didn't know any French..... ;)

    1. Ultimately, though, we can't just kill them all, as I have suggested in the past.

      It would be nice to wake up to the peace of mind, knowing all gangs had vanished over-night; complete with their club-houses & businesses.

      Then, what...? We enjoy the 24- or 48 hour respite. And, someone gets it into their head, what can I do, to provide the same product that made them rich...? The usual stupid dreams of a wad of cash, the girls, cars, bling...

      And we're back in it by day 5.

    2. Sure we can. It's really not that hard once you decide to do it and get a couple under your belt. After the first one the rest are free.....

      Hitler/Stalin/Mao killed millions for the wrong reason, we can kill a few thousand for the right one. It's not killing people that's the problem (other than in the abstract) dozens are murdered every day across North America every day. No one in all the ages of human history has figured out how to make us not kill other people. So eliminating the violent, predatory criminal underclass shouldn't be the issue it apparently is.

      The trick is to make sure it's the right people. Not "I don't like that guy", people where it's just a difference of opinion, shit like that, or race, or whatever. This would still be forbidden. I'm taking about "no doubt" BAD PEOPLE. Drug dealers, Pimps, Murderer's, EVIL people. People who feed off human misery. I have no problem with them being eliminated. As I have suggested in the past, I stand ready to do my civic duty in this regard.

      Can't kill them all? Sure we can. Take me out to the nearest maximum security penitentiary with a pair of suppressed (I hate having to wear ear pro) Glocks (very reliable, high MRBF) a few cases of ammo, and a couple of hot girls to reload magazines for me. Put the place on lock down so they're all in their cells. Everyone who qualifies gets a couple in the head. I can save the taxpayers a couple million dollars in one afternoon. Any idea how much it costs to incarcerate these people? What is it, $40K a year each? Compare that to 0.25 cents a round for 9mm ball.

      It's a joke. When you give me that look, it's a joke.....

      But seriously, it would take more than 5 days. And after a few rounds of this, we'd have chlorox'ed the gene pool of a lot of the people who let their greed get the best of them. It would be like clearing out a rat infestation, you knock the population down to manageable levels, lather, rinse, repeat as necessary......

  7. Just like to say; what a great little 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony the firefighters had, where they have the Fusion Festival.

    They has two good pipers, who did Abide With Me, Scotland the Brave, and other short Remembrance things. More of us will come, along with more citizens, next year.

  8. There is no longer law in Canada...what? He will be out in 6 or 8? What a fukin joke

  9. 6 or 8 what - months? Statutory release, which we should change, is after two thirds of a sentence so for a 2 year sentence he'll be out after a year and a half. It's sucks but in BC he would have just got house arrest so in that sense it's a step forward. Less than 250 grams. Freddy pointed to a case in Kelowna where they got house arrest for 18 kilograms. Now that is repulsive.

  10. Well, there's the picture of healthy.

  11. AK...It is my understanding that at 2 or more years, it becomes a federal sentence. For federal sentences, an offender can be edigible for parole after serving just 1/6 of his sentence. Thats a mere 4 months. I'll be Very surprised if he does more then 6 months. Maybe I'm wrong...

  12. 1/6 of the sentence? That would take statutory release to a new level of absurdity. It's bad enough at two thirds. I'll have to look into it.


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