Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Religious Freaks on both sides of the Planet

Once again we have psychopaths pretending to be Muslim murdering innocent people. That is not Islam. That murder is a far greater insult to the prophet Mohamed than any disrespectful movie is. Allah says thou shalt not kill. He didn’t say thou shalt not kill unless someone insults you or one of his prophets then murder is ok. It’s not OK. The old law of an eye for an eye, which leaves everyone blind, says if someone commits murder then the person who committed the murder should be put to death. Not some random innocent person from the same race, religion or country. Chris Stevens was a good man.

Nevertheless, in this case the guilty party never committed a murder. The guilty party made a religiously offensive movie. Yes that was bad. Yes that was disrespectful. Yes we should denounce it and speak out against it, but murder? Four innocent people? Who are you kidding? Are you kidding yourselves? If you are, you aren’t very bright. Murdering innocent people because some other idiot made a disrespectful move is an insult to Allah and the prophet Mohammad. It is the highway to hell.

In case you missed it, some prick from California made an offensive movie about the prophet Mohammad. In response there were riots in Egypt and in Libya. Only in Libya the mob stormed the American embassy and murdered the US Ambassador and three staff members who had absolutely nothing to do with making that offensive movie. This is the kind of thing we in the West think is so outrageous, it must have been the CIA to get everyone over here ready to nuke those animals.

This is a repeat offense. These aren’t Muslims they are religious freaks. We see them infiltrate every religion under the sun, not just Islam. This is why we should not have spent our tax dollars supporting armed rebels in Libya when we were sent in to uphold a cease fire. Yet we know the real reason we did. We did it for the oil. Again. We need to be honest about that for a change.

So, Sam Bacile is trying to promote hate. Just like Morris Sadek and Terry Jones are. Just like Ian Paisley of old. “I’ve seen too much hate to want to hate and every time I see it I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear.” We need to denounce their hate as well as the murder of these innocent people. Both are wrong but murder is worse than hate. I was just at the store and saw a local woman wearing a Muslim head dress. I nod and don’t give it a seconds thought. She certainly didn’t murder anyone in Libya. Hating her for something someone else did on the other side of the world is as absurd as murdering an innocent person for what someone else did.

Canadians eye Iranian cash

Having said that, just because a mob of idiots we helped “liberate” from a “dictator” murder some innocent people in one part of the world, does than mean we should steal from someone else in another country in another part of the world? Of course not. Let’s not use this tragedy in Libya to rationalize bombing or stealing from Iran because that would be just as wrong killing some random American for making an offensive movie.

In today’s’ Vancouver Province a headline reads: Canadians eye Iranian cash. Since Stephen Harper has kicked out Iran’s diplomat from Canada now everyone wants a piece of the pie. Now they want to steal money from Iran. The case they use as a first example is a court judgment a kidnap victim in Lebanon was awarded. I kid you not. Someone was kidnapped and mistreated in Lebanon and these criminals want to steal the court awarded damages from Iran of all places. That is as absurd as the court order awarding the families of the victims of 911 billions of dollars from Iran of all places. Why? Because they have oil and they have money and we want it. That’s why.

It all started with Operation Ajax but it certainly didn’t end there. This court order claiming Iran owes the victims of 911 billions of dollars is absolutely absurd. It is as we say, a red flag. Iran had nothing to do with 911. The terrorists came in through our friends in Saudi. There is a lot more evidence proving the CIA did 911 than Iran did.

Some people were under the misconception that Iraq was invaded because of 911. Not so. It was never implied they had anything to do with 911 when they were invaded. Bush said they knew Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and he was proven wrong. Instead of saying sorry guys we made a mistake, he said Mission Accomplished. Then when the British weapons inspector in Iraq leaked out to the media that they knew Iraq didn’t have any WMD and MI 6 were caught intentionally giving false information to the media about Iraq’s WMD, that whistle blower died of a suspicious suicide.

We initially thought Afghanistan was responsible for 911. That is why we assisted in that invasion. Only Bin Laden’s “confession” video didn’t even look like Bin Laden. Then we found out the truth about the oil pipeline and the opium production in Afghanistan. Evil powers are at work and that evil is from within. Ganging up on Iran next and stealing from them is wrong. Stephen Harper is a liar and a thief.

Continued Protests

Obviously continued protesting violence looks like a mob of crazed dogs not adherents to any religious order. Burning American flags is just as offensive as burning a Koran or insulting Islam. They insult others and threaten violence if anyone insults them. That is not Islam. A Canadian Muslim group is encouraging Canadian Muslims to ignore the offensive video. Someone made an offensive video slandering Christ called the Last Temptation of Jesus. As sad and offensive as that movie was, we didn’t see Christians running around like wild dogs burning things and killing people. That behavior is exactly what one of the stereotypes in the offensive video portrayed.

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Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.


  1. Allah is just Arabic word for GOD so you can use the two interchangeably.

  2. I don't think we did anything "for the oil", since most of the oil consumed in North America comes from Canada, Venezuela and Texas. I think the issue of oil was always just a Republican/Conservative media plant, because we only get about 20% from the middle east, and then about half of that gets resold.

    1. Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa. Rwanda and Syria don’t have oil. It’s all about the foreign ownership of the oil and the large oil companies driving the oil wars like in Iraq. Michael Moore showed a clip of the US politicians telling the private oil companies that a huge amount of money was to be made (by them) by invading Iraq. The invasion of Iraq cost tax payers a huge amount of money but the private oil companies and private military companies like Halliburton made millions.

  3. This commenting system that you have going on really sucks. It is too time consuming. I guess you want to deter people from making comments.

    1. What do you mean it’s time consuming? Freddy mentioned it was painful. I don’t host the blog. All I know is that you have to register to post comments. For me you just login and post like everywhere else. I had to do that because of all the obscene posts and death threats. There might be other bugs with the posting method but I’m not aware of them nor am I in control of them.

  4. Yeah, I think what folks refer to is the actual history of the spread of Islam through North Africa, many centuries ago.

    The tribes of Arabia did not wish to give up their old Gods. Mohammed and his followers conquered, *by fire and sword.*

    One can take that to mean they spread the new religion by open *force majeur*, as the French say. They travelled west from Eygpt towards present-day Algeria, and this new religion was simply forced onto the Arabs. Not much different than the Crusades, although, of course, there the motivation was not the same...

  5. Sam Basile was a completely fake name; it does NOT come from US Christians. And since AK is a conspiracy buff, why did you not believe that the clever Salafists put it out themselves, a well-known type of *false-Flag* operation?

    It was NOT a real Movie, just a *trailer* for a movie that does not exist!

  6. Sam Basile was obviously a username a real person used. The Wall Street Journal claimed to have interviewed the person who claimed he was a 52 year old Israeli real estate developer in California.

  7. When are people going to wake up. Here in Ottawa, we have many of them. I have had the misfortune of getting to know four of them well.

    Islam is NOT a religion, it IS a cult.

  8. I worked with a Muslim from Fiji for several years. He was a wonderful man. I met a Muslim from the Oasis of Peace in Israel. He was a saint. Russell Peters is an Indo Canadian comedian who happens to be pals with Randy Jones. Regardless, I saw a skit he did once about Arabs. Some of his stuff is offensive but he was talking about the Arabs we see on TV screaming like lunatics. He says that's not how the Arabic language really sounds. That's like finding a bunch of red neck hillbillies and saying that's what English sounds like. The way he said it was rather amusing. The lunatics we see on TV screaming like idiots are not representative of all Muslims nor are they representative of the majority of Muslims. Singling out one community is dangerous because once we do that, who's next? That is not the road any of us want to travel down.

    1. Who people are as individuals often bears little resemblance to who they are as a group.

  9. OK I’ve had enough. It’s time to close the thread. I’m not going to argue about hate any more. That’s not what this blog is for. If someone supports the US Constitution then they support the freedom of Religion. Yes the wackos rioting look like idiots. Yes murdering an innocent person is absurd. Those who do so should be tried for murder. Yet there are good and bad in every race, culture and community. Hitler was wrong and so was Stalin.


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