Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hells Angels were flying in coke from B.C.

So the Hells Angels were flying cocaine to Montreal from Vancouver. That was the case that involved one of their lawyers Louis D. Pasquin. Interesting to note that the local patch member involved was Salvatore Brunetti.

The pilot, Michael Russell, was reported to have connections to the Hells Angels in B.C. but none were named or charged. Again. Clearly the horrific judicial system in B.C. is affecting the rest of the country.

Interesting to note that Salvatore Brunetti was a member of the Rock Machine then changed sides to join the Hells Angels along with four others. Apparently "the fact that he was a former member of the Dark Circle convicted in 1996 of plotting to kill Nomads didn't prejudice his candidacy for the Hells Angels elite group."

One has to wonder if the implications in Gary McKeehan's fictional book called The Angels has merrit. The Blog about the book contains an interesting hypothesis about how Maurice "Mom" Boucher at one time paid his "rivals" in the Rock Machine to murder some of his own people who he saw as political threats to his leadership within the club. The author of the book claims to have received the information from an ex Rock Machine member.

Unproven hearsay but somewhat interesting nonetheless given the repeated method of operation we have observed coming from the Hells Angels collectively and Maurice Boucher individually. It makes ya kinda wonder how some of these rivals latter joined in his merry band afterwards.

Salvatore Brunetti was convicted of plotting to kill Nomad Normand Labelle. Normand Labelle had become critical of the Montreal chapter and decided to form a splinter group. Things that make ya go hmmmm... Lennoxville massacre.

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