Thursday, September 2, 2010

Natasha Dostal died in Dawson Creek

Natasha Dostal was a fun loving young lady from Dawson Creek just outside of Prince George, BC. She died a suspicious death in February 2006 at the age of 20 years. She had become addicted to drugs.

December of 2006 Thomas Willcocks, 28, died in Dawson Creek. He was a drug dealer who was beaten to death, dismembered and then burned inside a vehicle.

February of 2007 a couple was found dead in Dawson Creek. Police said an autopsy showed Allan Terrance Best and Donna Marie Taylor had been murdered.

In June of 2007 60-year-old Kelly Eugene Roney was fatally shot outside a Dawson Creek Pub. Police described that shooting as targeted. Dawson Creek RCMP Corp. Darren Traichevich said Roney was known to RCMP, and the murder of Willcocks is believed to be drug-related.

This all sounds a lot like the drug related violence in near by Prince George. Well let's see... who was in charge of the drug trade in Prince George at that time? Police claimed no one bought or sold drugs in Prince George without the permission of the Hells Angels.

The Crew, the Reneges and the Independent Soldiers sell drugs for the Hells Angels in PG. Now the GTS are starting to move into town. Selling crack is bad but competition is good. When their enemies rise and they are fighting with each other, they have less control over silencing the public.

What about Natasha? One witness claimed that the other person found dead, Clayton Desjarlais was a drug dealer.

Given the number of drug related murders in Dawson Creek, it is quite possible that Natasha was murdered. However, I don’t think her murder was a huge police cover up. I think society has a misguided apathy for crimes related to women involved in drugs or prostitution. There is a long list of missing women from East Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton that would attest to that fact.

Prince George had a small conspiracy and cover up. Judge David Ramsay plead guilty to to five charges, including sexual assault causing bodily harm, and obtaining sexual services from someone under age 18. Two police officers from Prince George were also investigated for similar offenses.

There was a former RCMP officer in Manitoba who plead guilty to trafficking guns for the Hells Angels. Yet that was the exception not the norm.

Neither do I think Natasha’s murder is tied to a judicial and government conspiracy connecting Stephen Harper to the Hells Angels. Without trying to be mean, I don’t think Harper is that bright.

Conservative MP Maxine Bernier did resign when it was made public that he left confidential military documents with his girlfriend who had ties to the Hells Angels. At first Harper said it was no one’s business. Yet that was a pretty loose connection. Julie Couillard former husband used to sell drugs for the Hells Angels through the Rockers but quit selling drugs to marry Couillard. After the marriage failed he later became a police informant.

What was far more interesting in that case was Couillard's claim that Bernier had told her the war in Afghanistan wasn't about liberation it was about gaining control of the opium trade.

Yet the real concern was when Harper recently appointed a lawyer who had represented the Hells Angels in a trademark case to the Supreme Court. That appointment was bizarre, obscene and offensive.

However, the real organized crime connection to Canadian politics was Alfonso Gagliano. The New York Times quoted an FBI informant naming Gagliano as a made member of the mafia in Montreal tied to the Bonno crime family in New York.

Gagliano denied the allegations and sued the government for slander but lost. Turns out in 1994, La Presse reported that Gagliano was the book keeper of Agostino Cuntrera, cousin of cocaine baron Alfonso Caruana. Gagliano is from the same small village in Sicily that the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan is from.


  1. Fuck you buddy. You dont know SHIT about Natasha or Claytons death. Yes, clayton was a drug dealer. Does that mean either of them deserved to be killed ? No it fucking doesnt. Natasha was beautiful, and she WANTED and TRIED to get help, the fucked up government wouldnt give it to her. She was found in a burning car, with her pants off. The police had a 3 day investigation ! HOW IS THAT NOT A COVER UP ! they claimed that Natasha took her pants off "because she was hot" which is complete bullshit. they also reported that the cause of the fire was a candle in the car. Where as i saw pictures of the car and read every single report, that fire was started underneath the vehicle. the only thing on natasha that was burnt was her hair and her toes. if the fire started inside the car, it would've been a hell of alot worse than that. It WAS a huge police cover-up because it was DRUG RELATED. all fucking murders in Dawson creek are, and have you seen the cops doing SHIT about any of them ? noopppeee. So maybe get your facts strait before you talk about peoples families and friends like that.

  2. Are you talking to me? You need to put down the crack pipe long enough to read what I said. I didn’t say Natasha or Clayton deserved to die. I said the opposite. The point of blogging about it is in hopes someone would come forward with more information.

    Natasha looked like a wonderful young lady. Her death is a tragedy. The reason I cited that drugs were involved was because if drugs were involved then the Hells Angels must have been involved. They are the ones that control the drug market in Prince George. No doubt they control the drug market in Dawson Creek as well.

  3. Natasha was my cousin and she was an amazing women, she did NOT deserve to be killed even though she was a drug user. NOT ALL drug users and "Hardcore" criminals like the rest of the world potrays them as. I also know Hells Angels is a group of bikers who also are involved with drugs but i do not think they are responsible for my cousins death, but then again you cant trust anyone. the devil walks among us all, but we have our own minds to make our own desicions, who ever did this to my cousin will pay because NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE UNLESS NATURAL CAUSES. Dawson has some cruel people but im going to stop those sick bastards before they distroy more famlies and end innocent peoples lives like my cousin....R.I.P Beautiful Girl Kayla Dostal-Moore Gervais.

  4. Well I have been looking thru these last posts and want you to know I personally knew both Natasha and Clayton. They were kind hearted people that were just making some bad choices at the time. As foe their deaths it would surprise me it was murder but whom em I to judge, it wouldn't surprise if theres a cover up ay all. My concern is about Thomas Willcocks and his murderes, I have heard thru sources that his murders are starting to get set free!!! WTF is wrong with this country!!! I am trying to find his family to let them know, if the ever so reliable RCMP do their job. I think that they have the right to know. It's a shame that these thimpngs happen to these people just because the were just making bad choices at the time. They never had the chance to live life a bit. Who knows what God in store for them. What pissess me off the most s that these are people who had and have people family that loved ALL of them. Some of them left behind children that NEVER EVER get to talk to them again when their murders still get that privilege, and they get to huge their moms dads ect........ And have the RCMP even think to look to see if those 2 murders connected. I think he absolute sickest part is that in the Willcocks murder at least one of the murders had committed another murder about 8 r so years before and our "great" judicial system let him out for 5 years o commit another murder......ya them..... NOT ............ RIP Natasha a beautiful young women with her whole life ahead of her and to Clayton cut down too young that left behind a son and a daughter. And to Thomas Willcocks I never knew you but you weren't even given a chance to straighten up and raise your 3 children. Thinking of these things makes my heart bleed and saddens me to no end. :( GOD BLESS

  5. Beautiful people who should be here today

  6. Natasha and Clayton were murdered. It was a coverup by the RCMP. I know it but the details would fill pages.

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