Monday, September 27, 2010

Game Tight Soldiers and the Renegades

Well this is a startling new revelation. Kim Bolan went on a ride along with the gang squad in Prince George.

"Interestingly, we ran into the leader of the the largest gang in town, the Game Tight Soldiers. Steven King, who now lives in Penticton, rode up to the Renegade clubhouse on Fir Street on a Harley with Jason Hall, a full-patch member of the Renegades. He was wearing a Renegades vest with a bottom rocker."

We had been under the impression that the Game Tight Soldiers were rivals of the Hells Angels not associates. Now this new association shows how the Hells Angels continue to be not only actively involved in the drug trade but directly in charge of it.

Long ago the police have claimed that no one can buy or sell drugs in Prince George without the permission of the Hells Angels. The Renegades were the Hells Angels puppet club in charge of other groups. First it was the Crew. The Crew sold crack for the Hells Angels in Prince George under the direction of the Renegades. The crew got a lot of bad press for cutting off fingers for drug debts and many crossed over to the Independent Soldiers who have become another Hells Angels Puppet club.

Now we see the Hells Angels supply and are in charge of both the Game Tight Soldiers and the Independent Soldiers. If those two groups fight over the right to sell the drugs the Hells Angels are clearly the ones ultimately responsible for the violence.

BTW we've been getting a lot of feedback and rude comments about the name Game tight soldiers. Most think it's a really dumb name. Worse than the Red Lobsters.

I mean look at this guy's mannerisms and the way he wears his scarf. Doesn't that scream interior decorator? I mean like who still wears paisley? Paisley was out of style a long time ago. Why do we catch on to fads so late?


  1. intesting timing for this one K.....have you seen this?

    By Staff reporters, The Province September 26, 2010 Story Prince George

    A well-known gangster was arrested Friday and is facing numerous drug and firearm charges.

    Eric James Fiske, 30, an original member of the Game Tight Soldiers gang and an unnamed female were arrested after they attempted to retrieve a bag that contained two loaded handguns, a Mac 10 sub-machine gun with ammunition, and 228 grams of cocaine from a wooded area in Prince George.

    Police later found 56 more grams of cocaine, 159 flaps of heroin, 1.5 kilograms of marijuana, and other related drug-trafficking paraphernalia in a residence.

    The Game Tight Soldiers started in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and members have recently been moving into Prince George.

  2. Some rude names for the gang...let's see. How about The Lame Tights Soldiers? I don't think I'll be coming up with anything that rivals the greatness of The Red Lobsters!! But it really is so lame, to be a grown ass adult and have a full patch membership in something called "The Game Tight Soldiers". Childish.

  3. Actually everyone refers to them as the Gay Tight Soldiers and they say the name is gay because they got it from a movie or a video game. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay… That’s just the politically incorrect term people are using.

  4. You need to make sure your info is correct before you put it on the web! The pic showing Steve King is not him it is another guy striking for the Renegades! Steve has tattoos on his face, gold teeth and a tattoo of a hand gun on his neck. I know this because I know him from Penticton. You build all of this up for more drama with little or no facts at all!

  5. Actually I believe Kim Bolan more than I believe you. This guy introduced himself to the Gang Squad as Steve King. Kim Bolan was there. That was the whole point of her article.

    As far as drama goes, he was wearing a Renegades rocker and riding with a Renegades patch member. That means the GTS are tied to the Hells Angels. It really is that simple.

  6. BTW the guy in this photo does have tattoos on his face and gold teeth. Kim wrote about the gold teeth in her article. I guess he hasn’t heard of General Larry Platt.

  7. Steve King is controlled by a section of the Hells angels in Kelowna, it has been said that they want someone else to take over cause Steve couldn't do the job effectively such as fronting to people and not being able to collect properly, they have lost a lot of money and wanted new prospects last year to take over, and yes it is true everyone has to pay TAX for their territory to own it. The prospects had already paid tax, but were untrustworthy worthy as king as these prospect although could ball good were addicts that consumed product consequently then it leave the businessman short or with not enough profit same shit different pile. They needed a new prospect that would be as they call "solid". One thing that should be mentioned when they have addicts owing them they dig them into the organization deeper saying they must do deeds to pay their debts but yet telling them that they love them and are BRO"S "I LOVE YOU BRO" and giving them little incentives as showing them wads of cash taking them out for drinks parties meals and telling them they are protected. Well its all a load of bollocks and when it comes down to it they are all sociopaths or plain stupid cause one day someone is gonna have the training to take them out , there is always someone bigger than you and personally I think they should hire the special air service and green berets and wipe them out and let them be sorted out at the pearly gates before they destroy more young peoples and families lives, they should stop shitting where they live.

  8. LOL Jaws , Steve watched to many James bond movies as a kid

  9. Steve king is not controlled by anybody you stupid people know nothing you should be investigating the RCMP they are the most crooked gang going

  10. jacabi is in witness protection and steve king got ran out of town...there is no gts LEFT IN a follow up story

    1. whitness protection my ass u fuking goof im in van i got ratted on aand am waiting for sentenceing in van bitch

    2. lol sure you are jacobe, your right there smiling talking to the cops. goof.

  11. Someone said Steve King crossed over to the RM in Winnipeg. I haven't confirmed that yet.


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