Friday, September 17, 2010

Three little piggies wrestle in court

Well the piglets jumped the UN in court. It was not a consensual fight. They escaped and started it. Not charging them with assault is shameful. We cater too much to these pigs. They are not welcome or respected in Surrey.

It was a pretty lame fight. The video was caught on security camera. There was another fight Jamie Bacon was caught on video right before he was arrested showing that the pig slapping in court was just an orchestrated show.

Jamie Bacon is a piece of garbage. He's a hillbilly from ABBOTSFORD. His brothers are Preps from ABBOTSFORD. The got shot up in Surrey and moved to Abby to get police protection. What a joke that was. 24 surveillance with TV monitoring. They are the queens of Kevlar. Who wears Kevlar to Castle Fun Park? How lame is that?

This whole case reeks of police corruption. Why would they get police protection in Abby and why would the police let them go and pick a fight in court? How did they know the UN were in that room? It has the appearance of corrupt prison guards turning a blind eye to prison rape.

Claiming it was a consensual fight and not pressing charges is totally lame. Letting spoilt brats strut around like they're somebody when they're not. They're hillbillies from Abbotsford. That is all.


  1. There are interesting comments in Kim's blog entry for this incident. Word is, Barzan and the other guy got a pounding of a lifetime and are possibly in hospital. Jamie and Jarrod are both wrestlers and very good at it.

    I do believe one comment asserting a total set up courtesy of the guard(s). One guard escorting two Bacon Brothers through the unit that holds UN members and neither brother had restraints? UN dudes were in COUNSELING at the time. With attorneys or a shrink? Where's Oprah, UN needs her STAT! AND BRING DR. PHIL!!!

  2. Jamie is a fat ass pig. They were twice their size. I think it was a total set up. In the city the biggest guys are just the biggest targets. I’d rather stand beside a couple of small Asians than a couple of fat ass pigs. Strange how the Bacon brothers left Surrey after they were shot up only to get round the clock police protection in Abby. Strange how Jamie is on trial but Jonathan and Jarrod aren’t.

  3. you think that jonathan and jarrod are neck deep in the surrey six murders, too?

  4. I don't see how they can’t be if Jamie is. Think about it. The three Bacon brothers constitute a “gang.” Call them Bacon brothers and associates or call them the new Red Scorpions with the Red Lobster jackets. The fact is the three brothers are in charge of a splinter gang so to speak. Jamie certainly isn’t the brains of the operation. He’s the brawn. The other two preps are the brains. After all, they’re the ones not sitting in prison right now. That’s not even mentioning who encouraged them to take over the Red Scorpions and kill the people the Haney Hells Angels had beef with.

  5. Who encouraged the piglets to take over Red Lobster (haha, btw!)? Piglets were part of which gang before? This break and reforming is the cause of the gang war between UN and Red Lobster. The core Red Lobsters back when they were alive or not imprisoned murdered for HA? Who were the people HA wanted gone?

    The best advice I ever heard comes from Mark Felt, Mr. Deep Throat himself of Watergate fame..."Follow the money." So, who stands to gain the most from the gang war and murders on the lower mainland? Who will reap the most benefits from this chaos?

  6. Well the piglets’ friends are friends with Larry Amero’s friends. The piglets were part of the UN then broke off. The old Red Scorpions were affiliated with the UN. I think the Haney Hells Angels benefitted from the Surrey Six murder. Their enemy was dealt with and the HA stood to gain financially.


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