Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hells Angels attended murdered B.C. teen's funeral

Well this is bizarre. I was going to write about the murder of Laura Szendrei because it seemed so random and tragic. She was a delta teen beaten to death in a park. Knowing I run a blog and web site about organized crime someone just sent me this new article claiming members of the Hells Angels attended the girl's funeral.

The police confirmed the Hells Angels attended the girl's funeral and said they were there to support Laura Szendrei's father. Brooks appeared uncomfortable with the question and refused to elaborate or say whether police are investigating any connection between the Hells Angels and the death.

Brooks told reporters that police have still not determined if the daylight attack on the teenager on Saturday was random or targeted. Sorry but I just find this bizarre simply because wherever the Hells Angels are, bad things happen.

Of course it's possible that the girls father had friends who were members of the Hells Angels and they simply wanted to show support for their friend. Yet somehow that just doesn't sit right. The Hells Angels are drug dealers deeply involved and primarily responsible for the Vancouver gang war. They have a history of threatening people's family. I wonder if Hells Angels attended Juel Stanton's funeral.


  1. I'm beginning to see it all clearly. HA is behind all of the drugs and turf wars in some way or another on the Lower Mainland. Who is the devil that you shook hands with at Surrey Central?

    There was a HA that got murdered at a party back in the 80s on the LM. The guy that murdered him found out the man was a HA and promptly went home and committed suicide. [sarcasm] I don't know why he would have done something like that. I mean, the HA are only a gentleman's motor cycle club that buys toys for tots in their spare time. [/sarcasm]

  2. I met a guy at Surrey central who claimed to be affiliated with the Hells Angels. He was with a crack dealer and was clearly enforcing for him. He introduced himself and claimed “They” ran the area. I was shocked. I was like what is he doing here with him? Then I finally realized I had been lied to all these years and that the Hells Angels were drug dealers not motorcyclists.

  3. I'm currently reading "A Wayward Angel" and the Jay Dobyns book. What are your thoughts on these two people?

  4. I’m not familiar with either but I have corresponded with the author of The Angels. He seems like a decent enough bloke. His writing style is similar to Hunter Thompsons in that he writes fiction with him as a character but bases it on facts. I find his claim that Mom Boucher paid members of the Rock Machine to assassinate some of his own people who he saw as threats to his leadership very interesting. He claimed he got that directly from members of the Rock Machine.


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