Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shannon Collins Murdered

That sad story of a missing girl from Edmonton could have ties to the Hells Angels. Police have been able to determine that Collins had been living a high-risk lifestyle. It was reported that she was going to leave for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels. She never made it. She was found dead in a rural area of Edmonton.

The question is, if she was involved in prostitution and was going to leave for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels, did she also work for the Hells Angels in Edmonton? It appears that there is a long list of missing women in that area. Can't blame those on Pickton.

The discovery of the bones came a week after two sets of human remains were found together near Lamont. "It's a cemetery," Pitt said, estimating that at least 30 bodies have been found in the area since 1988.

Pitt noted gangsters may also be dumping dead rivals out there because of its thickly wooded areas. "They're dropping zones for dead bodies. They are incredibly dense and make good places to hide bodies."

A wonderful daughter stolen from the world. Turning young ladies into addicts them forcing them into servitude is not a noble quest. Neither is criticizing them for becoming addicts. The real deviants are the ones who profit from the sale of crack and meth.


  1. :( :( :( That is sad. Shannon's family knows her fate and they can try to move forward without being tortured by "What ifs". That may not sound like a lot to some, but for the parents and family of a missing loved one, believe me, it is everything.

    I want to urge anyone who reads this to realize you CAN make a difference for the missing. Doe Network is an online volunteer driven organization for the missing. 100% free with no strings attached. Individuals missing at least ten years make the site. There is a database there of forensic reconstruction models of John and Jane Does and we volunteers spend hours combing through the details of the missing to compare with the facial reconstructions. They have had a lot of success locating missing persons that are alive and who passed away. Some of the volunteers have actually been given the money rewards for the missing persons cases that they solved. It is a beautiful organization and it has changed my life.

  2. What I don’t understand is the number of people that go missing. The article says: The five pictured above are a small subset of the total number of missing person reports received by police annually: nearly 8,000 a year by the Edmonton Police Service, with an equal number reported to the RCMP province-wide.” That is a colossal amount of people. Perhaps it’s a typo:

    (Right after the photo of the five missing women)

  3. Your wrong... I think what if all the time... Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, and I miss my sister every single day that goes by... And I don't think you should be talking about her case when you don't even know what your talking about...

  4. Who’s wrong about what? She was murdered. Her real sister was quoted as saying she heard she was involved in some way with the Hells Angels. I think people who care about her would like to see some kind of justice for her to stop the violence so others don’t get victimized as well.

  5. My heart goes out to you Northamericantimberwolf...May your sister rest in peace...I also agree with Agent K...i would like Justice to prevail...i dont think Agent K would make this up out of the top of his hat...he goes with the facts...

  6. I am her real sister. And There will be no justice, at least not for a while... And I only told The Edmonton Sun that she moved to Calgary in Dec of 07, cause that was the first thing I heard about her... That was the only piece of information I had to go by, and now I have nothing. I wish I had better news, and I am sorry I don't, more than anything I wish I could do more for her, its what she deserves!

  7. My condolences. Another real life tragedy. Keep me posted.

  8. I will let you know if there is any advance as soon as I know.

  9. Thanks. She looks like a wonderful person who fell victim to the same evil that many others have. There have been too many murders. One is too many. Yet there have been many more than that.


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