Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VPD seize 54 kilos of cocaine in East Van

Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that on Saturday the VPD seized 54 kilos of cocaine in an apartment across from Science World. No charges have been laid as of yet. Well done for a huge haul. Somebody needs to be charged and we need to hit them from both sides. We need to stop letting them sell crack in public in the DTES. Intercepting these large shipments is difficult to do but stopping them from selling crack in public is pretty easy. Just arrest the guy at the front of the line on welfare night.


  1. Sweet. Credit where it's due, GOOD JOB VPD!

  2. You do know that most of the drugs that are sold in DTES are sold by scum that dont live there, and most of the buyers dont live there.either .( Just arrest the guy at the front of the line on welfare night.)

    1. No doubt some of it is but there is a huge amount of dealing that exploits the homeless in the DTES on welfare night. It's not hard to see.


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