Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surrey’s 21st homicide of the year

Surrey had it’s 21st homicide of the year over the weekend. I’m slow to report on it because the details were pretty sketchy. We heard that IHIT was called in and a suspicious death was being treated as a homicide. At the time it was reported that the victim suffered a cardiac arrest after a home invasion. Kinda strange. Yet in today’s article in the Vancouver Province one witness claimed their friend was shot in the back while they slept. Somewhat different than a cardiac arrest.

Hopefully more details will follow to clarify what really happened. The Vancouver Province is reporting that this is the 21st murder in Surrey so far this year while Vancouver has only had five homicides so far this year. The most murders Surrey had in one year was 21 back in 2005 so we’ve tied the record with just over a month and a half left to go in the year. The photo was taken by a blog reader on scene.


  1. Notice the truck units title along the top!
    BC or Lower Mainland Police force is almost a show-in!
    When the RCMP are practicing the KISS principle of operations, that just makes them the CLEAN UP CREW and NOT preventative crime Policing that they once did 30 + years past! Example SLUM SURREY CRIME that has bought this crime riddled city!
    Do not forget, this massive policing problem(s), stems from BAD RCMP OPERATIONS - mainly bad PRIORITIES, Bad Brass Conduct, Internal Discrimination,, and simply some very bad unchecked RCMP Officers.
    They are not fully to blame and proof of this lies in the unaccountable Poor Crime Stoppers OPERATIONS and the terribly dysfunctional 911 OPERATORS.
    ALSO The BC / RCMP contract, signed by the Crispy Critter, has a lot to do with what the RCMP can and can not do legally - bound to a contract that the Public have not seen!
    A METRO Policing operation, for the entire Lower Mainland AREA(Squamish, Point Roberts, Hope) could be a very viable possibility, as long as this area gets FULL cooperation from and for direct operational ties to Canada's RCMP Ottawa!
    Metro Transit Police are doing an adequate job, and in some cases a much better job than RCMP in the same territorial operations! This has shown many that the Metro Policing expanded possibility could do a MUCH BETTER JOB?!
    Let us ALL be open to a POSSIBLE alternative in the METRO Policing concept.

    1. Remember that policing is, whether we like it or not, largely a "reactive" business. This is where the saying "When seconds count, we're only minutes away" comes from.

      The concept of "crime prevention" is a great sounding idea but is just not born out in practice of being able to do what the name implies it can. In other words, it's a bill of goods that can never deliver what it promises.

      True crime prevention has to do away with the 'catch and release' character of the (in)justice system as it presently operates. If you are not going to actually dispose of the problems, (and I would have no problem with that, career criminals should be dropped overboard a long way from shore, fish have to eat too....) you have to at least put them on ice for a period of time sufficient to remove them from society in a meaningful, results driven way.

      Someone walking the streets with dozens of convictions for auto theft, burglaries, drug dealing, etc. is utter stupidity. They are not being given a "time out" of sufficient length to dissuade them from repeating the conduct when they get out after a month or two. If nothing else, time behind bars is time they can't operate. As well, the experience of prison as a "college of criminal knowledge", where they learn from others and network for future association has to go. There is no reason why anyone in prison needs to have contact with other prisoners, I would actually think that a lot of time alone with themselves might be more helpful.


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