Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why is Wally Oppal out of jail?

I find it astounding that this criminal has the audacity to criticize the police for anything while he should be in prison himself for his negligent handling of the Pickton Inquiry. He shut it down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and was seen giving one member a big hug afterwards. All the lawyers for the Aboriginal women boycotted the inquiry. His side job in a slasher movie was outrageous as was his offensive statements about a rape victim.

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  1. Guy sounds like a total scumbag. He is just as guilty as those filthy bikers and should be locked up. I heard a rumor that the Hells Angels got rid of these murdered women (prostitutes) to Pickton because they owed them huge drug debts. And stinky "Willy" did them a favor by getting rid of them. I also believe that stinky Willy was too stupid to commit murder and that he was persuaded by his brother Dave to take the fall for these murders or had some involvement in them.


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