Monday, November 25, 2013

The Eagles have landed

On the lighter side, Yesterday I went to Harrison Mills to see the eagles. The tide was out and the water was the lowest I have ever seen. I usually put my kayak in at Kilby and paddle up to where the river spreads wide and shallow. Yesterday that whole section was one great big sand bar.

There were several eagles but not the multitude we normally see. I understand there were much more the previous week. The fact that some yahoo was doing stunts in a Cessna didn’t help. All that noise scared the eagles away. When you go bird watching you have to be quite.

If you go to the Rivers Edge Restaurant at the Sandpiper golf course they have a free trail set up where you can walk to the exact spot I usually kayak up to and they have an observation point set up. It’s well wroth checking it out and stopping in for lunch this time of year.


  1. Great piece on the Eagles of BEAUTY!
    Did you have anything on the Aussie BC Drugs mules and their links to any gang?

  2. Another one? That's interesting. The last one was the Hells Angels. I'd be surprised to hear this one is any different.

    1. They were apparently employed in Thailand - young and vulnerable!


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