Monday, November 11, 2013

Whiteboy Posse member pleads guilty to murder and cocaine trafficking

CBC is reporting that Kyle Halbauer from the Whiteboy Posse has plead guilty to cocaine trafficking and the first-degree murder of Lorry Santos. In his plea he claims they got the wrong house and shot her by mistake. In the heart. However, when the story first hit the news it was reported that the 34 year old woman answered the door not that she was shot on the way to answer the door. This caused local speculation that it was a hate crime in harmony with the Whiteboy Posse’s neo-Nazi beliefs.

Either way the Whiteboy Posse were selling cocaine for the Hells Angels and committed murder to gain a monopoly of that drug trade. The Whiteboy Posse has also been charged in the murder of Bob Roth who was decapitated in Edmonton for a drug debt. The Westridge Hells Angels need to be charged in both of these murders. The Dirty Few are allied with this same Whiteboy Posse. This is a picture of Travis A Wilson from the Dirty Few posing in support of a Whiteboy Posse member. Travis is the tiny one on the right wearing a 81 support T-shirt.


  1. Replies
    1. A nice guy for a racist murderer and cocaine dealer.

  2. You don't know him I went to school with him and we are all racist in ways I m friend with First Nations ppl but I hate the ones the think everything should be given to them

    1. Flying flags with swastikas on them is like pissing on a good soldier’s grave. We fought in the trenches to oppose that kind of bullsh*t. Murdering an innocent person is not good. Selling crack is not good. You not playing with a full deck.


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