Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Salmon are coming

On a completely unrelated note, I see that the salmon are spawning at Tynehead park in Surrey. I realize around this time of year the chum start spawning in Beer Creek. It’s always somewhat mind boggling to see such large salmon swimming up such small urban creeks to spawn. Chum aren’t the type of salmon humans normally eat. They say you can smoke them but they are kind of the dog fish of salmon. By the time they spawn they kinda look a little radioactive.

However, someone said to me they saw some red salmon spawning in Tynehead so I had to check it out. It’s the Coho that change colors and turn red when they spawn. Sure enough, they’re there. I guess it’s because they have a hatchery at Tynehead. It’s worth having a peak and checking it out.

Soon it will be time to check out the eagle fest at Harrison mills. There is a massive chum run and the eagles come in droves to feed on the rotting carcasses. It’s quite remarkable to watch the circle of life in action. Pretty awesome seeing that many eagles all in one spot as well.

As I mentioned the Surrey Winter Fest would highlight the murder of Janice Shore and the crack sold at the Front Room in Surrey. Yet I also made mention of a kaleidoscope of other things to see as well this time of year. This is part of it. There is so much to see in this wonderful planet that you can’t find in a crack pipe. You have to get off the couch to go there to see it.

Meanwhile, commercial fish farms are destroying the wild salmon spawning runs on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Clayoquot sound. Don’t buy farmed salmon. Atlantic farmed salmon doesn’t come from Easter Canada. It comes from Norway and is famed in Clayoquot sound. Foreign investors don’t care that their industry is destroying the local commercial fishing industry. They just want to make a quick buck that kills the industry for everyone else.

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