Monday, November 18, 2013

Glenn Greenwald and the CESC snow job

Ironically enough as the first snowfall of the season hits our local mountains the CESC snow job begins to sweep the planet. Previously I had mentioned how Canada was caught spying on Brazil for economic reasons not for national security.

CBC did an interview with Glenn Greenwald, a journalist for the Guardian in Brazil who stated that “The fact that Stephen Harper feels compelled to say almost nothing I think is reflective of his contempt for democracy.” He stated that the Five Eyes Program is a massive global spying program that has nothing to do with national security.

Greenwald said that this network spies on ordinary citizens inside and outside of their own respective countries. Contrary to the denials of one former CSIS representative who said their spying on ordinary Canadians is illegal, Greenwald claims they do it all the time which has been confirmed by the Snowden leaks. Another way these spy agencies circumvent the law against spying on its own citizens is to get one of the other countries within the Five Eyes Program to spy on Canadians for them then get that foreign country to share that information with them and vice a versa. That's why Canada is such an important part of the NSA's illegal activity. Jeremy Hammond has already demonstrated this.

The CBC interview with Glenn Greenwald claims more information on this story is forthcoming. I have a source that claims some of the information which is forthcoming alludes to the fact that the Snowden documents reveal that CSEC plays a large role in the INSLAW scandal involving the PROMIS software which we have previously discussed. Stay tuned, more to come. CSEC is a criminal organization just like CSIS is. Wanted: A Canadian Edward Snowden.


  1. For more information on the Inslaw/PROMIS case, go to History Commons under the Civil Liberties Project timeline: There is little irony in the fact that the Five Eyes criminal surveillance apparatus was built on stolen software, and that the US government has robbed, lied, cheated, and murdered to keep it secret. AND national security had very little to do with it. If true, Americans will be shocked and forced to send many of its past presidential administrations "heroes" to jail.

  2. Thanks! This is something we need to follow up on.


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