Thursday, November 21, 2013

Communist China builds up Navy thanks to Canadian gas

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “a congressional advisory panel sounded a warning Wednesday about China's military buildup, predicting Beijing could possess the largest fleet of modern submarine and combatant ships in the western Pacific by 2020.”

Thanks to Stephen Harper, Canada is funding China’s military expansion every time we fill up with gas at the pump. Selling foreign countries oil is good business. Giving them our oil rights is not. China is profiting from our oil not Canada. That is bad business. Now that we’re selling China Candu reactors again we'll help North Korea get nuclear ready in no time. Stephen Harper is a bigger Communist than Pierre Elliot Trudeau ever was.


  1. This just blows my mind! Once again Steven Harper selling out Canada! He's so busy kissing International Ass and trying to bury all the never ending Government scandals and all along selling Canada piece by piece! At the end of WWII Canada had the 3rd largest military in the world and the largest Merchant Marine Navy in the world...And look at us now!... It all started with John Diefenbaker. One of many spineless Prime Ministers. He cancelled the Avro Arrow which was the most advanced fighter jet in the world. He also cancelled the production of the Iroquois jet engine which out performed any fighter jet engine of the time. Why??? because of political pressure from the US cause we had something better then they did!. And what happened to all our brilliant engineers after they were shut down... You guessed it... they all went to the US. As Canadians we've lost so much because of appallingly bad leadership in Government. Canada could have been the absolutely most powerful and wealthy country in the world. But the immense long line of spineless Prime Ministers we've had have been killing our country year after year... During the first Golf War... Canada's standing army didn't even have enough troops to meet the minimum requirements to be a member of Nato! Thank God we're already a member! Poland has a bigger army than us! There are more police in New York than we have soldiers! Like WTF!

    Bottom line is, I truly hope that before I leave this earth I will see a Prime Minister that will make Canada Stronger, rather than Weaker! To build up our economy and military and make us proud Canadians once again.

    Stop Selling Our Country Harper!

  2. Very good point. Switzerland is an example of a peaceful country with a strong military. Just because you have a strong military doesn’t mean you have to be a war monger and a bully. Not having a strong military in our day is bad planning.


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