Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rob Ford admits to smoking crack

Speaking of pathetic, Rob Ford finally admitted to smoking crack in a drunken stupor now that the police uncovered the video. People have finally had enough and are protesting for him to resign. Thank God. For a minute there I was beginning to think they were going to elect him PM.

Every day there's more drama from the toilet of Ford Nation. Thursday the Toronto Sun released another video clip of Rob Ford in another drunken stupor threatening to "kill that f---ing guy" and "rip his f---ing throat out." He sends his mother and sister to the media trying to do damage control while his lawyer mentions the possibility of rehab. Rehab? He really has a crack addiction? This guy is an absolute idiot as are everyone who ever voted for him.

Talk about insanity, this new Fjord billboard takes the cake. Amid this perpetual insanity a paid billboard shows up supporting the insane lunatic in his criminal dishonesty. It even has the audacity to misquote a biblical scripture and completely rip it right out of context advertizing the great and abominable church. After all, there is more than one ya know.

Christ was an advocate that taught about redemption and forgiveness. Never did he teach a tolerance for sin or abuse. In fact lying is one of the six things he clearly hates. The same with abuse. Rob Ford does both. He is an abusive liar. To claim that he represents the church is a blasphemous outrage.

To claim that he represents fiscal responsibility is a bold faced lie. The right needs to pick a new poster parrot. The fact that they are spending money promoting his lies and criminal activity is a shameful disgrace to what was once conservative values. Rob Ford has absolutely nothing to do with those. Neither do the lunatics that paid for this ridiculous billboard.

Speaking of Rob Ford supporters, Laila Yuile made a rather amusing post linking to the elusive video of Stephen Harper speaking at Rob Ford's barbeque where Ford claims that Stephen Harper is his new fishing partner. What I want to know is if Rob Ford has a crack addiction, did he smoke crack on that fishing trip? Maybe that's what Harper meant when he said he gets high with a little help from his friends. Go figure.

Booze, drugs, suspected escorts in new Rob Ford docs [MSN New Video Clip]

Toronto city council pass a resolution asking Mayor Rob Ford to resign. The vote was 37-5. That's including Rob Ford and his brother Dough who voted against it.

The idiot just doesn't know when to shut up.

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  1. LOL, great "World's Most Interesting Man" spoof......

    I was watching BBC, and the female announcer was interviewing a Toronto journalist....she say's "His excuse is rather curious, it seems to be that he was in a drunken stupor".......but said in an upper class British accent, tone of voice utterly amazed/disbelieving..... I was LMAO.....try it out, you'll see what I mean....

  2. Remember, Remember, Rob Ford's drunken bender
    The day when he tried smoking crack
    I can think of no reason, whatever the season
    Why Toronto should elect such a hack.

  3. Indeed, but as the chant goes in England… Remember remember the fifth of November… What shall we do? Burn him! Then they burn an effigy of Guy Faux. Originally he was hanged. Tempting conclusion with Rob the rageaholic Ford.

  4. I know the chant well. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies.

    Back then they didn't just hang, although that's how it is depicted in the movie. Remember that the type of hanging where the victim drops and the neck breaks is centuries later. What they had planned for Guy Fawkes was the variation depicted in "Braveheart", where the victim is hoisted and allowed to strangle for a while, then cut down and dismembered while still alive, "drawn and quartered".

    According to Wiki, Guy Fawkes managed to jump from the scaffold (with the rope around his neck?) breaking his neck and avoiding being alive/conscious for the "second act" so to speak.

  5. Well, "Jabba the Ford" is being pilloried by the City Council right now, it's on all the international news channels. After the first couple hours, just after he was lured into saying he's not an alcoholic or a drug addict, and that there's no other surprises to come,..... SURPRISE!! Toronto Police have released more info, actually it's info that was redacted on earlier documents that has now been cleared for public consumption by a judge in the ongoing criminal proceedings against his former driver/"connection".

    It's like a train wreck in slow motion......


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