Sunday, November 10, 2013

Targeted shooting in Drayton Valley

Sunday night November 3rd shots were fired in a residential neighborhood in Drayton Valley. I have a source that claims the owner of that house is a member of the Warlocks who are Hells Angels rivals recently featured on the documentary Warlocks Rising.

Evidently the only one the Warlocks in Drayton Valley have tension with is the Hells Angels puppet club that started up right after they did called the Dirty Few. Also known as the dirty flu. Dusty Blades and Justin Pupetz are involved with the Dirty flu in Drayton Valley. Dusty Blades is seen on the left wearing a Hells Angels support shirt from Westbridge.

Another source claims that Pete Soreson from the Hells Angels Westridge (West Edmonton) chapter is calling all the shots. He has been seen in Drayton quite often lately. Get of the crack. Stop pimping the dream and start living it.


  1. Well agent k you are clearly ahootin from the hip once again you sont know much about the warlocks in drqyton so let me fill yoy in on who they are exactly ... firstly Dean Bednarz who goes by the last name Mcknight who owns and manages a rub n tug /tattoo studio / laundromat with his wife moved too Drayton a couple years ago because hes hiding from people who owe him money in Fort Mcmurray he isnt from drayton however he smokes meth and doeant pay his bills on top of running a prostituition ring so he probly pimps out the mother of his kids too make ends ... secondly a guy named Randolph Joseph Carpentier aka big man is a known gang member from north emd winnipeg he was the president of the crazy indians there and had a crew of ex indian posse manitoba warrior redd alert and native syndicate members who claim they are just out too hang out with each othwr and avoid the gang lifeatyle .... now theyve all surfaced in drayton valley the crazy indians in manitoba have all been slowly patxhing over into the warlocks so that these crazy indians can supply there pipeline too northeen manitoba dry reserves of drugs and prostitution and violence none of which is wanted by the people juat a few bad apples Randolph goes by the alias Montana Frank Lucas and cN be seen on aptn channel spewing propaghanda too his people now has turned and patxhed into a well known criminal enterprise simply too corrupt his people more by supplying things that dont empower them but set them back decades ... thirdly theres a guy named Rocky Denis Buzzell whos wanted on Camada wide warrants of assault an armed robbery in B.C. and Alberta who works in Deans tattoo shop and atill hasnt been brought too justice on these charges and is wandering the strewts of drayton valley ... then you have Cody Burell a guy who owns midnight security in Drayron Valley claims too be helping the public safety but is turning over surveilance too the warlocks for thefts and other crimes where he knowa when noone is around ... having all this on the table now tell me they only have one enemy in drayton valley ... the way i see it is these guys have a list of enemies that stretches from manitoba too b.c. and all areas between the crazy indians in ontario have a pledged allegiance too the mongols..... the dirty few have been seen around drayton valley but theres been no inclination that theres animosity between the 2 groups .. instead of spreading your own agenda of propaghanda put this up and go do some homework on these warlocks and see there list of enemies is as long as there arm

  2. Go onto facebook and searxh montana frank lucas from grand rapids manitoba hes got a picture up on halloween day of him with a loaded 12 gauge ahotgun whos too say it waant an internal beef if a guya is puttin up picturea like that hes obviously trying too make a statment of somekind ... none of these guys are from drayton they are aimply hiding there under fake indentities and the town has turned on them the tattoo shop is simply a hang out for them nobody goes there for a tattoo the laundromat is the only thing that makes money besides the rub n tug and ya thats not real legit

  3. No wonder the dirty flu are so afraid of the Warlocks. Looks like the Warlocks are going to kick their ass. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not rooting for the Warlocks. I checked out their website and they look like more of the same. Trailer trash sleaze bags selling crack and meth. Same sh*t different pile. When I look at all these clowns fighting over the drug trade I just think of Linkin Park in his song with Jay Z called Numb: “All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you.”

  4. Warlocks Rising is closer to a wrestling storyline than an actual reality TV show. Discovery has a bunch of fake "reality" shows airing these days and the Warlocks is one of them. Yes they are real bikers, but any crime or biker business you witness on that show isn't real. Here is a press release from the Warlocks. I'd say it's safe to say that the rest of the Warlocks aren't fans of the show, lol.
    The show even closes with a credit thanking the ATF..... Probably because they had to inform them of the fake show they were filming to avoid being arrested, lol.

  5. Well in all honesty as hard as this may be too believe ive done my homewrok on both crews too kbow who it is ramblin around drayton and not one dirty few member is posing with guns and face masks on facebook not one of them had any hits on the court of queens bench database aside from miguel argueta and from what i heard around town is hes been kicked out i havent been able roo find one factual drug charge or fact there of that states thwy arw known too have sold drugs too anyone ... so too say its a drug war between these 2 groups really makes no senae too me unless you know something i dont .... too impplicate the hells anges in any way also is a pretty broad stroke ..... in my opinion these warlock guys have pissed off someone from there past and have probably bewn discoveed in drayton valley through different resources .. drayton valley is a tight knit community and word travels like the plague mk

  6. I heard that Wilson and Swanson pulled the trigger and Blades was driving the getaway vehicle which was a black Dodge Ram pick-up. I heard that they were acting under orders from Pete Soreson and Billy McCabe. That’s what I heard. Time will tell. Turns out the Hells Angels were indeed behind the Whiteboy Posse murders.

    1. Black dodge ram you say?

  7. funny how my sources state that one side has jobs and business, but the other side doesn't work? the drugs there really started shortly after the dirty dinks rolled in from where ever, probly Edmonton considering the "support westridge" patch they wear. sucks to be them tho, thinking that HA will smack them down for making so much heat, bunch of pussies in my opinion! probly why the warlocks haven't done anything back, I bet they go to the source of the problem. dirty dinks think that they have support from westridge, wait till that back fires and they all end up in jail. you think and angles are gonna go to jail for these dirty dinks, I doubt that very much

  8. Agent K...what are your thoughts about Dave Habib making CHBC for doing the community of Kelowna good with his boxing club..what a bunch of bullshit..maybe he grooms the young males like Dale to do dirty work later on (murders) is this clown getting any airtime..shame on you CHBC. Why do we give these guys anytime ....

  9. Interesting. I don’t know Dave myself but I have been pretty vocal about my concerns about him in the past. Nevertheless, Dale and I have kind of made the peace so to speak. For whatever reason, it appears that the Kingpin crew are no more and it appears that Dale is trying to go legit. I can’t say for sure either way about all his brothers. They do have a colorful past. Let’s hope they make a better future for themselves and their families. Time will tell.

  10. So here we have Rodney the spin doctor on a disinformation campaign. He would have us think that the Hells Angels and the Dirty Few have nothing to do with this shooting and that it was more likely an internal dispute. Don’t ya just hate liars? I mean really. That’s like attending the funeral of someone you contracted out the murder for. That’s been done before. More than once.

    That’s probably my primary beef. These b*tch ass liars. Oh we don’t sell crack. Yeah ya do. Oh we didn’t shoot him. Yeah ya did. Not owning up to it, that is what RATS do. So one commenter posts a link to McCabes truck which looks identical to the one Dusty Blades was seen driving right before the shooting. OK they switched the plates big deal. The plate they had on it during the shooting was M25883. It’s the same truck. Switching plates isn’t very hard to do.

    Pete Soreson is the one running Westridge and sanctioned the Dirty Few. The dirty flu wear Support Westridge Diamonds on their right shoulder. The Syndicate is sanctioned by the Nomads. They wear a Support Nomads diamond. But of course I have no idea of what I’m talking about.


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