Saturday, November 9, 2013

Black Pistons busted in Niagara

CHCH News is reporting that 29 biker gang members and their associates were arrested in simultaneous raids across Niagara Wednesday morning targeting the Black Pistons in St. Catharines which is a puppet club of the Outlaws MC.

150 charges, 31 arrests including Black Pistons ring leader Randy McGean. McGean’s 24-year old wife Caitlin was also arrested. The Black Pistons established a clubhouse at 80 Page Street in St. Catharines. Police claim Nine of the 11 Black Pistons members were set to become full-patch Outlaws by the end of November.

Police said the investigation uncovered evidence of narcotics trafficking — including heroin, cocaine and marijuana — along with weapons trafficking, break and enter, assault, extortion and participation in a criminal organization. Break and enter? More rats stealing sh*t just like the Hells Angels. That's rather disappointing.


  1. The AK looks to be the long barreled Chinese Norinco made version specially made/imported to Canada in the 80's, the long barrel to make it longer than 18" and therefor (briefly, until the law was changed) not considered a restricted weapon and not subject to registration at that time.

    The rest pretty much as expected for these folks, handguns, a shotgun, and a MAC style "pistol" with a home/biker built silencer. Just the tools of the trade.

    But yeah, just guys who like to ride motorcycles...... :rolleyes:

  2. Agent K is a grade A fucking bird if he could only get his facts straight or atleast the names of the people he is talking about correct then more people might believe the shit he is saying. Where do you get your stories from goofball? And who is Harry Guindon? Supposedly your saying he started satans choice LOL. Ive never heard of him.

  3. Yeah well I’ve never heard of you. This one came from the newspaper. I don’t recall mentioning anyone by the name of Harry Guindon.

  4. Im not trying to start a war of words but if you have never heard of harry guindon then why are you writing about him I have no time to look through your blog to find the article but so you know your facts Agent K there is no Harry Guindon and you go on like a biker expert? hey atleast I have the balls to use my real name mr. goofy law enforcement officer who hides behind a name

  5. I’m from Surrey so I don’t know much about the Ontario village idiots other than the fact that they look ridiculous riding around with shorts sneakers and full face helmets. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I write about the Vancouver gang war and people send me tips anonymously because they know I respect anonymity. I don’t like crack dealers.

  6. Agent k, I'll tell you something, I know these guys personally, and randy mcgean would not fuck you up, but his friends will. And trust me, he has lots of friends who will fuck you up. You call us ontario village idiots ? You're a fucking pig probably a paki too cuz out in Vancouver that's all there is are those fucking stinky paki mother fuckwrs. I know cuz the rcmp just flew me back to ontariO in 2015 when I had Canada wide warrants for Robbery Convictions that I plead guilty to to get a bail program and then went a wall -Search my name in the data base I have warrants 2 weeks after I got out of jail in June . I go hard fuck the police fuck the system - James Johnson June 13th 1987 from windsor ontario got charges all across Canada ahaha

    1. I'm sorry to hear you are such a f*ck up. Bragging about a robbery conviction only proves you are a complete loser and thereby a village idiot. Making racist slurs shows that you would never survive in a big city like New York. I am Irish you idiot. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.


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