Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hamilton Homicide was ex Hells Angel is reporting that the police have confirmed a man who was shot dead on an east Hamilton street Saturday was an ex-member of the Hells Angels. James (Lou) Malone, 49, was very well known to police and had an extensive criminal record. Malone was shot on Kenilworth Avenue near Hope Avenue, just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. No L&R there. Big surprise.


  1. RIP Louie you were a good man its terrible how they killed you btw the owers of this page are peices of shit !!

    1. I do not believe this article is stating he was not "a good guy" just stating that he "was very well known to police and had an extensive criminal record". The author also states there is no surprise with an ex-member ending up being killed. It is par for the course in many instances.

      As for him "Resting in Peace" one must be cognizant of the fact that one must die with Sanctifying Grace upon their souls in order to NOT be condemned to Hell. This is where the study of Eschatology is needed and is sadly ignored in the world today. (Eschatology, for those who are not familiar with the term, and I sadly suspect most are not in these past few decades, is the study of the last things - Death, Judgement, Purgatory, Heaven, Hell).

      I realize that many (arguably most) do not believe in these things today. Everyone is free to believe what they want. However, disbelief would be erroneous.

      What so few today realize is that not only is death permanent, it is also eternal.

      To think of eternal damnation is quite intimidating, to say the least. To contemplate it is worse. To truly interiorize it is beyond description.

      Those who reject this out of hand will hopefully embrace before their deaths and make an Act of Contrition. However, many will never have the opportunity for such a thing as they die - whether it be by accident, through war, violence or other criminal activities.

      For those who reject it, there is undeniable PROOF of the REALITY of this. All one needs to do is read St. Thomas Aquinas' 'Summa Theologiae'. It is a logical and rational argument of the proof of the existence of God, Christ, His one Church and the nature of God as we know it, as well as the basic Truths of the Faith.

      No one has ever been able to disprove St. Thomas Aquinas' reasoning and he is still known today (it was written in the 12th Century AD) as the greatest mind to have ever lived by theologists and philosophers. Read it, then contemplate it, then meditate upon it - then you will change your life. Ignore it and then you will continue on the "same old" path.

      If we were merely called to a natural end it would be good enough to be a "good man". However, we are not called to a natural end, we are called to a super-natural end. Being merely a "good" person, is not nearly good enough and when it comes to something as serious as your eternal salvation you will make it out with fear and trembling when you realize the scope and gravity of it. What you should be doing is praying for the repose of the soul of this man as well as for the conversion of sinners. The message of Our Lady at Fatima was quite clear.

    2. St. Thomas Aquinas… now that’s what I’m talking about. Personally I think Hell is what we make it. As you sow so shall ye reap. Spending the after life with all these selfish, backstabbing murderers would be like living in a toilet yet it would be the natural consequence of living that life. Indeed redemption is possible if we seek it. It requires being honest and taking ownership of one’s actions then making sincere efforts to change. Lips service is exactly that. Even Rob Ford can be redeemed. However, he has to stop lying and stop being an abusive drunk first. He has to take ownership of his actions and strive to change. Until then he’s just another lying drunk who beats his wife.

  2. That’s interesting. He was a really nice guy for someone who had such a lengthy criminal record. Nevertheless, nowhere did I say he deserved to die. Actually I’m implying the opposite. My position is that the Hells Angels are the POS for dealing crack and betraying their own people for money. It would appear that is what’s happened here once again just like with Blackie in Haney and with Juel Stanton in Vancouver. The L&R lie is in reality Greed and Betrayal.


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